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People want to try to find a new Pele. They couldn't do that. You don't find another Beethoven, you have only one Michelangelo. In music you have only one Frank Sinatra and in football you have only one Pele. Pele.

Any player judged a failure in the first team is likely to find himself among the reserves at Preston on a wet Wednesday evening. That includes Stan. John Gregory, new Aston Villa manager, on Stan Collymore.

John Gregory would fine you for not wearing flip-flops in the showers. Dave Carroll, of Wycombe Wanderers, on his former manager.

I lay awake all night trying to re-run the 90 minutes in my head. But all I can remember is my goals - and they will be framed forever in my dreams. Scott Jones, Barnsley's two-goal hero, on knocking Manchester United out of the FA Cup.

It was clearly a case of sour grapes on the part of a few sad characters who must have nothing better to do with their lives. Gordon Strachan, Coventry manager, on being reported for swearing by Southampton fans.

That bronze medal is worth its weight in gold. Paul Dickenson, BBC commentator, on Britain's Olympic success in the four-man bobsleigh.