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Recent warnings to travellers about drinking

"Due to the present economic situation in Thailand, THAI would like to announce that wine will no longer be served on board all domestic flights, in order to economise." - airport notice displayed by Thai Airways International

"Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Florida beaches; public drinking is frowned upon. Any liquor, wine or beer container in a vehicle (RVs excepted) must be full, sealed and unopened - or in the boot." - `On the Road around Florida', 2nd edition, (Thomas Cook, pounds 12.95)

"We would like to remind all travellers that, in line with Civil Aviation Law, intoxicated passengers may not be allowed to board their flight. We therefore ask that all our passengers act responsibly when purchasing alcohol." - notice at Cafe Select, Heathrow Airport

"Salt Lake City now has a number of brewpubs, for which membership is not required; they're distinguishable from their counterparts in other states only by the requirement that they can't sell beer with an alcoholic content of greater than 3.2 per cent." - `Southwest USA: The Rough Guide' (pounds 10.99)