Skiing: red channel

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A compendium of hazards facing the traveller. This week: warnings about the Indian sub-continent from the Foreign Office (0171-238 4503).

Sri Lanka: On 15 October, a bomb left in a truck exploded next to a hotel in central Colombo, killing at least 16 people and woulding over 150. This is the first serious incident in Colombo for 15 months. Further incidents cannot be ruled out. Visitors should minimise the time they spend in the city.

Fighting between the security forces and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) continues in the north and east of the country. The south and centre of the island, including all the main tourists areas and the Cultural Triangle, remain unaffected. But there have been incidents in the Yala National Park.

Bangladesh: The political situation is tense. Rallies, demonstrations and strikes have taken place nationwide and are likely to continue. There may be occasional outbreaks of violence. Visitors should avoid political gatherings and other crowded areas.

Poor driving, vehicle maintenance and unlit or poorly lit buses and lorries are the cause of frequently subject to night-time armed banditry. Passenger trains and long-distance buses are sometimes targetted by organised gangs of thieves. Avoid travel after dark.

New arrivals should register with the High Commission in Dhaka; telephone 882705.