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From Mr Andy Terrington

Madam: The announcement by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers of a helpline for stressed out teachers ("Union to set up 24-hour stress counselling service", 12 April) does not go far enough in the support it offers.

Pupils are merciless in their criticism of their teachers' personal appearance and given the poor discipline of most schools these criticisms are no longer confined to the odd drawing on the board or quiet chuckles from the back row. On a good day such abuse is easy to handle, but increasingly teachers are becoming vulnerable to this constant trickle of cruelty.

Some teachers suffer so much from their charges' constant critiques that they have sought plastic surgery to end the jibes once and for all.



The writer, an ex-teacher, works for Channel 4's `Class Action' programme. He wants to hear from teachers who have had or are considering plastic surgery. Contact him on 0171 388-7700.