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On 22 April, the US Embassy in Moscow issued the following information through its warden system: "The Embassy has received reports that 'skinhead' groups have assaulted Asian and African students in Moscow.

"At 7pm on 21 April, over 20 'skinheads' severely beat two young Asian women in an alley between the Stary and Novy Arbat. There have also been press reports indicating that the same groups have threatened the lives of Asian and African students.

"The groups are primarily targeting the areas near the dormitories of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship (RUPF) and the Institute of Asian and African Countries (IAAC) of Moscow State University, located near Metro stations Yugo-Zapadnaya and Universitet respectively. However, these attacks can occur anywhere in Moscow. Police have already arrested some members of the groups and have increased their presence in these areas.

"The Embassy urges Americans, particularly students of African and Asian origin, to exercise appropriate caution."