Revealed: The best subjects to study at university if you want to get rich

It's not looking good for arts and humanities graduates

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New research has revealed the most lucrative subjects to study at university in order to get the highest paying salaries.

Economics graduates fair the best with earnings in the region of £45,000 five years after university.

This is closely followed by law graduates who can expect to earn £42,000 and Maths or Statistics graduates who earn on average £39,000. 

All of the subjects in the top ten are either business or science related.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, few creative degrees result in high salaries for graduates.

Those who study Fine Art earn the least amount of all university graduates at around £25,000.

Similarly, those who have studied English literature tend to pull in some of the smallest graduate salaries, at just £31,000.

The data, compiled by salary benchmarking website Emolument crowd sourced data from 55,000 different graduates to examine salaries five years after graduation.


The average salary in the UK is £26,000.