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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
All Saints CofE P VC M45 8PL2576727227.8101.1
Bury & Whitefield Jewish P VA BL9 8JT1283928329.3100.5
Butterstile P CY M25 9RJ4478787027.5100.8
Cams Lane P CY M26 3SW2488887927.3100.3
Chantlers P CY BL8 2SF27100979730.4101.4
Chapelfield P CY M26 1LH3678696426.9100.2
Chesham P CY BL9 6PH4610010010029.7100.4
Christ Church Ainsworth CofE P VC BL2 5SQ2889968928.2100.6
Christ Church CofE P VA BL8 3AX3591978930.0101.1
East Ward Community P CY BL9 7QZ2893878728.9101.6
Elton Community P CY BL8 1SB2993868627.4100.0
Emmanuel Holcombe CofE P VA BL8 4PA1479937927.298.9
Fairfield Community P CY BL9 7SD3571807128.299.6
Gorsefield P CY M26 4DW4470666425.698.4
Greenhill P CY BL8 2JH3589918028.7100.2
Greenmount P CY BL8 4HD32100979730.8101.1
Guardian Angels Roman CP VA BL8 2RH3297949429.2101.9
Hazlehurst Community P CY BL0 9PQ2990938629.0100.7
Heaton Park P CY M45 6TE4981897927.7100.5
Higher Lane P CY M45 7EX6277796927.399.9
Holcombe Brook P CY BL0 9TA2584808027.499.7
Hollins Grundy P CY BL9 8AT2692888528.6101.1
Holly Mount Roman CP VA BL8 4HS3792898628.199.5
Holy Trinity P VA BL9 0SB20941009427.8100.7
Lowercroft P CY BL8 2TS3410010010030.9100.9
Mersey Drive Community P CY M45 8LN1810010010030.3103.2
Old Hall P CY BL8 4LU1610010010029.8101.2
Our Lady of Grace RC P VA M25 3AS4593898728.1100.0
Our Lady of Lourdes Roman CP VA BL8 1YA21821008228.9101.7
Park View P CY M25 1FA5685787227.9100.5
Peel Brow FD BL0 0BJ1883787226.2100.4
Radcliffe Hall CofE/Methodist P VC M26 2GB4159594924.298.8
Radcliffe P CY M26 3RD4450614125.199.7
Ribble Drive Community P CY M45 8TD2176867127.9100.4
Sedgley Park Community P CY M25 0HT3184818127.7100.2
Springside P CY BL9 5JB2086958627.799.7
St Andrew's CofE P VA M26 4GE3093909029.4101.2
St Andrew's CofE P VC BL0 9JD3597979730.2100.5
St Bernadette's Roman CP VA M45 8PT3187908428.899.4
St Hilda's CofE P VA M25 1HA743432922.399.6
St John's CofE P VA M26 1AW875887527.0100.6
St John with St Mark CofE P VC BL9 5EE3283877727.3101.3
St Joseph & St Bede CP VA BL9 6ER3992959029.5100.1
St Joseph's Roman CP VA BL0 9JJ3090948729.399.8
St Luke's CofE P VC BL9 9JQ5377585526.7101.1
St Margaret's CofE P VC M25 2BW3497919129.099.7
St Marie's Roman CP VA BL9 0RZ2785817827.3101.4
St Mary's CofE P VA M25 1BP2910010010029.3100.2
St Mary's CofE P VA BL8 4JL1493939329.8101.6
St Mary's Roman CP VA M26 4DG5285777327.3100.0
St Michael's Roman CP VA M45 8NJ2370746526.098.6
St Paul's CofE P VA BL9 6LJ3366725925.599.4
St Peter's CofE P VC BL9 9PW3569756425.699.4
St Stephen's CofE P VA BL8 2DX1989898428.6101.1
St Thomas CofE P VC BL9 7EY2190808027.2100.6
Summerseat Methodist P VC BL9 5NF1292838329.099.8
Sunny Bank P CY BL9 8EQ2789938929.6100.0
Tottington P CY BL8 3HR3780837127.599.0
Unsworth P CY BL9 8LY3093908628.4100.8
Wesley Methodist P VC M26 4PX3178816927.3100.0
Whitefield Community P CY M45 6DP1587807327.8100.2
Woodbank P CY BL8 1AX3574716626.799.4
Yesoiday Hatorah VA M25 0JW6898898828.199.8