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Primary Tables 2011


Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Abercrombie P CY S41 7QE2890767628.4100.4
All Saints CP VA SK13 7RJ2295959529.5100.0
All Saints CofE J VC DE4 3LA4193939329.8100.7
Ambergate P CY DE56 2GN12921009229.3100.6
Anthony Bek Community P CY NG19 7PG1647734725.198.5
Arkwright P CY S44 5BZ1089898927.099.1
Ashbrook J CY DE72 3HF3984847427.297.6
Ashover P CY S45 0AU3110010010031.1101.3
Aston-on-Trent P CY DE72 2UH2496928828.598.3
Bakewell Methodist J VC DE45 1FR3781676726.898.1
Bamford P CY S33 0AR1182918230.3101.2
Barlborough P CY S43 4ET3294919130.1101.6
Barlow CofE P VC S18 7TA1110010010031.1101.3
Barrow Hill P CY S43 2PG5<<<<<
Belmont P FD DE11 8JZ5990938329.0100.5
Biggin CofE P VC SK17 0DQ6100676727.599.6
Bishop Pursglove CofE P VA SK17 8NE2483887928.5101.3
Blackwell Community P & N CY DE55 5JG1883948328.0100.7
Bolsover CofE J VC S44 6XH5684756627.999.4
Bonsall CofE P VA DE4 2AE667676726.598.3
Bradley CofE P VC DE6 1PG686717127.499.1
Bradwell J CY S33 9JB1283928329.298.6
Brailsford CofE P VC DE6 3DA1210010010031.0101.1
Bramley Vale P CY S44 5PF1687938728.2102.5
Brampton P CY S40 1DD2962835227.199.3
Brassington P CY DE4 4HB7100838328.5<
Breadsall CofE P VC DE21 5LA1182737326.5100.1
Brimington J CY S43 1HF7473756826.698.0
Brockley P CY S44 6AF1473807327.2100.1
Brockwell J CY S40 4NP6795989530.0100.8
Brookfield P CY NG20 9AD2767564425.499.7
Brooklands P CY NG10 1BX6186818028.099.4
Burbage P CY SK17 9AE6494868430.0100.7
Buxton J CY SK17 9DR6582898028.599.5
Buxworth P CY SK23 7NJ667835027.099.4
Calow CofE P VC S44 5BD21911009130.1101.1
Camms CofE P VA S21 4AU32941009429.7101.2
Carsington & Hopton P VA DE4 4DE888505027.098.6
Castleton CofE P VC S33 8WE710010010030.4100.1
Castle View P CY DE4 3DS2264645524.798.4
Cavendish J CY S41 8TD2596898929.199.4
Chapel-en-le-Frith CofE P VC SK23 0NL5483746927.199.1
Charlesworth P VC SK13 5ET1173826427.098.3
Chaucer J CY DE7 5JH5279877527.9100.1
Chinley P FD SK23 6DR3093939029.199.2
Christ Church CofE P VC S41 7JU2883868327.9100.4
Christ The King CP VA DE55 7EN3190908727.699.9
Church Broughton CofE P VC DE65 5AS1810010010030.0100.7
Clifton CofE P VC DE6 2GJ1694636327.0100.1
Clowne J CY S43 4BS7688888627.999.3
Codnor Community P CofE VC DE5 9QD3689898028.5100.4
Coppice P CY DE75 7BZ2869665924.997.1
Cotmanhay J CY DE7 8RR5752484324.098.1
Coton-in-the-Elms CofE P VC DE12 8HE2095959528.7100.1
Creswell J CY S80 4JD3488888228.4100.0
Crich Carr CofE P VC DE4 5EF710010010030.4101.3
Crich J CY DE4 5DF989898929.099.8
Cromford CofE P VC DE4 3RG1283837526.3100.1
Curbar P CY S32 3XA1010010010031.5101.8
Curzon CofE P VA DE22 5JA1995959529.499.1
Cutthorpe P CY S42 7AS1872837228.2100.5
Dallimore P CY DE7 4GZ2685818127.5100.6
Darley Churchtown CofE P VC DE4 2GL2190868629.0100.9
Darley Dale P CY DE4 2QB2295959030.6100.8
Deer Park P CY S42 6TD4994928829.199.6
Denby Free CofE P VA DE5 8PH1283837527.899.3
Dinting CofE P VA SK13 6NX2186818127.9100.1
Dovedale P CY NG10 3HU4587767328.4100.6
Dove Holes CofE P VC SK17 8BJ633333321.598.2
Doveridge P CY DE6 5JY2<<<<<
Draycott Community P CY DE72 3NH3083777027.399.1
Dronfield J CY S18 1RY9091928929.6100.0
Dronfield Stonelow J CY S18 2EP29971009730.3100.2
Duckmanton P CY S44 5HD2986797526.1100.0
Duffield the Meadows P CY DE56 4GT58951009530.6100.4
Duke of Norfolk CofE P VC SK13 7RD4190737127.999.2
Dunston P CY S41 8EY3892767627.999.4
Earl Sterndale CofE P VC SK17 0BS875887527.499.1
Eckington J CY S21 4FL3485827627.798.8
Edale CofE P VC S33 7ZD1<<<<<
Egginton P CY DE65 6HP9100898927.398.9
Elton CofE P VC DE4 2BW4<<<<<
English Martyrs' CP VA NG10 4DA3594919130.2100.4
Etwall P CY DE65 6NB25921009229.6100.7
Eureka P CY DE11 7LA2475887127.1100.4
Eyam CofE P VC S32 5QH10100909028.8100.0
Fairfield Endowed CofE J VC SK17 7NA5988818028.297.9
Fairmeadows Foundation P FD DE11 0SW3093939029.9101.4
Findern P CY DE65 6AR1385777728.299.2
Firfield P CY DE72 3EF5797848128.999.6
Fitzherbert CofE P VA DE6 1LD786715727.0<
Fritchley CofE P VA DE56 2FQ1493797929.499.8
Furness Vale P CY SK23 7PQ1393868627.499.3
Gamesley Community P CY SK13 6HW2550755024.599.5
Glebe J CY DE55 2JB9683878027.899.0
Gorseybrigg P & N CY S18 8ZY2085958529.199.7
Granby J CY DE7 8DX7691918729.8101.3
Grange P CY NG10 2DU5686958628.399.2
Grassmoor P CY S42 5EP2387878327.9100.3
Great Hucklow CofE P VC SK17 8RG5<<<<<
Grindleford P CY S32 2HS1110010010031.5100.2
Hady P CY S41 0DF2484888027.899.3
Hague Bar P CY SK22 3AP1070806026.497.3
Hallam Fields J CY DE7 4DB4687898328.599.7
Harpur Hill P CY SK17 9LP5192969228.599.6
Harrington J CY NG10 4BQ5667625326.198.2
Hartington CofE P VC SK17 0AS610010010031.099.3
Hartshorne CofE P VC DE11 7ES1275836728.3100.1
Hasland J CY S41 0LY8878807027.298.8
Hathersage St Michael's CofE P VA S32 1BZ3090948730.3100.5
Hayfield P CY SK22 2HB3097878729.0100.4
Heage P CY DE56 2AL3278816927.5100.0
Heath Fields P CY DE65 5EQ3985827727.9100.6
Heath P CY S44 5RH1710010010030.3101.6
Herbert Strutt P CY DE56 1SH3884717127.699.1
Highfield Hall P CY S41 8AZ4486898028.0100.1
Hilton P CY DE65 5GH11192878528.999.5
Hodthorpe P CY S80 4UT1182828229.4100.1
Holbrook CofE P VC DE56 0TW2496929229.3100.1
Hollingwood P CY S43 2JG5078827427.098.7
Holme Hall P CY S40 4RL1967524825.198.4
Holmgate P & N CY S45 9QD2556645225.798.5
Hope P CY S33 6ZF650675024.598.2
Horsley CofE P VC DE21 5BR863633827.098.9
Horsley Woodhouse P CY DE7 6AT1210010010031.1101.1
Howitt P Community CY DE75 7FS4386838127.199.6
Hulland CofE P VC DE6 3FS875757527.099.3
Hunloke Park P CY S42 6PT3093939029.0101.1
Immaculate Conception CP VA S21 3YB3672836927.399.4
Inkersall P CY S43 3SE5373807126.598.7
Ironville & Codnor Park P CY NG16 5NB1861786127.099.0
Kensington J CY DE7 5PA4489898428.399.7
Kilburn J CY DE56 0LA4984736926.798.3
Killamarsh J CY S21 2EA5481857827.598.8
Kirk Ireton CofE P VC DE6 3LD610010010030.5101.5
Kirk Langley CofE P VC DE6 4LQ5<<<<<
Kniveton CofE P VC DE6 1JJ1110010010030.5101.4
Ladywood P CY DE7 4NH3178847527.799.8
Langley Mill J CY NG16 4FZ6175695926.198.2
Langwith Bassett P CY NG20 9RD683676725.098.2
Lea P CY DE4 5JP1387878728.2100.5
Leys J CY DE55 7HA5360755826.398.6
Linton P FD DE12 6QA3274766825.898.2
Little Eaton P CY DE21 5AB4598919129.3100.2
Litton CofE P VA SK17 8QU771867128.799.9
Longford CofE P VC DE6 3DR5<<<<<
Long Lane CofE P VC DE6 5BJ786868627.4100.4
Longmoor P CY NG10 4JG4195909029.0100.4
Long Row P CY DE56 1DR4685838027.999.5
Longstone CofE P VA DE45 1TZ2496929229.099.3
Loscoe CofE P VC DE75 7RT1794888227.999.8
Mapperley CofE P VC DE7 6BT1070606024.998.2
Marlpool J CY DE75 7HS4370846726.798.3
Marsh Lane P CY S21 5RS1593938730.0100.5
Marston Montgomery P CY DE6 2FF7861008629.1100.6
Mary Swanwick Community P CY S41 9QW3468766826.299.6
Matlock Bath Holy Trinity CofE P VC DE4 3PW1486938627.999.5
Melbourne J CY DE73 8JE5997959529.298.9
Midton Community P CY DE4 4LQ875887528.5100.9
Milford P CY DE56 0QH610010010029.0100.7
Model Village P CY NG20 8BQ2391969128.6102.8
Monyash CofE P VC DE45 1JH1182918228.199.6
Morley P CY DE7 6DF967896727.399.4
Morton P CY DE55 6HH1191919128.9100.4
Mugginton CofE P VC DE6 4PL5<<<<<
Mundy CofE J VC DE75 7EQ3776867627.599.4
Netherseal St Peter's CofE P VC DE12 8BZ1080807027.399.1
Newbold CofE P VA S41 8PF2983938327.999.4
New Bolsover P & N CY S44 6PY3494918828.9101.0
Newhall Community J CY DE11 0TR6890847628.699.3
New Mills P CY SK22 4AY3385676127.299.1
Newton P CY DE55 5TL967675625.698.1
Newtown P CY SK22 3JS1571716425.797.6
New Whittington Community P CY S43 2AQ5184848027.699.3
Norbriggs P CY S43 3BW3073836326.598.7
Norbury CofE P VC DE6 2EG888756329.0100.5
Northfield J CY S18 2ED3090978629.0100.3
North Wingfield P & N CY S42 5LW3451574324.397.1
Old Hall J CY S40 3QR6893918729.7100.1
Osmaston CofE P VC DE6 1LW2090858529.1100.8
Overseal P CY DE12 6LU2476847628.599.5
Padfield Community P CY SK13 1EQ18941009429.299.8
Palterton P CY S44 6UN1471795726.498.7
Park House P CY S45 8DB2588968829.099.6
Park J CY NG20 8JX6175726626.598.1
Parkside J CY DE6 1EJ7888868228.899.5
Parwich P CY DE6 1QJ978896727.3100.7
Peak Dale P CY SK17 8AJ967786727.799.4
Peak Forest CofE P VC SK17 8EG4<<<<<
Pennine Way J FD DE11 9EY7086868328.5100.4
Penny Acres P CY S18 7WP5<<<<<
Pilsley CofE P VA DE45 1UF1182828229.799.6
Pilsley P CY S45 8EU2190959029.3100.1
Pinxton Kirkstead J CY NG16 6NA5696858527.798.6
Poolsbrook P CY S43 3LF978786726.399.8
Pottery P CY DE56 1HA5580938028.399.4
Redhill Foundation P FD DE72 3SF2785938529.0101.0
Renishaw P CY S21 3UR2391919131.0101.4
Repton P CY DE65 6GN24100888829.499.9
Richardson Endowed P VC DE7 6EF2391918729.9101.0
Riddings J CY DE55 4BW4971776326.698.0
Ridgeway P CY S12 3XR29971009729.4100.6
Ripley J CY DE5 3PN5885757027.198.3
Risley Lower Grammar CofE P VC DE72 3SU1587807328.2100.0
Rosliston CofE P VC DE12 8JW989676727.099.7
Rowsley CofE P VC DE4 2ED1275927528.099.3
Saint Mary's CP VA SK13 8NE1990959029.4100.6
Sale & Davys CofE P VC DE73 7HA1283757528.899.6
Sandiacre Cloudside J CY NG10 5DE5084787127.598.6
Sawley J CY NG10 3DQ6376797027.397.9
Scarcliffe P CY S44 6TH12?????
Scargill CofE P VA DE7 6GU5680757027.699.9
Shardlow P CY DE72 2GR7861008628.3<
Sharley Park Community P CY S45 9BN4576837127.098.3
Shirland P CY DE55 6BN4093989329.1100.1
Simmondley P CY SK13 6NN35891008929.699.8
Somerlea Park J CY DE55 4JE5871585325.898.2
South Darley CofE P VC DE4 2JT810010010030.8100.7
South Wingfield P CY DE55 7NJ1883948329.0100.3
Spire J CY S40 2EN2496838329.5100.7
Springfield J CY DE11 0BU5258504623.897.6
St Andrew's CofE J VC SK13 2DR3366696326.298.7
St Andrew's CofE Methodist P VA S18 8ZQ2692858528.099.0
St Andrew's CofE P VC DE7 6FB1776827626.698.9
Stanley Common CofE P VC DE7 6FS16691006927.499.6
St Anne's CP VA SK17 7AN5296909029.9100.9
St Anne's CofE P VC DE45 1RZ2010010010030.5100.1
Stanton-in-Peak CofE P VC DE4 2LX1110010010031.6100.6
Stanton P CY DE15 9TJ771575727.599.8
Staveley J CY S43 3XE28931009328.2100.5
St Charles's CP VA SK13 1PJ3197979729.199.8
St Edward's CP VA DE11 0BD3110010010031.5103.4
St Elizabeth's CP VA DE56 2JD3097939329.4101.8
Stenson Fields P Community CY DE24 3BW4095838028.499.6
St George's CofE P VC DE11 9NP3294888428.8101.3
St George's CofE P VA SK22 4NP1073737325.1100.1
St Giles CofE P VA S21 1DU2976837227.799.1
St Giles CofE P VA DE4 3DD2090868128.399.5
St James' CofE P VC SK13 8EF3897908728.3100.3
St John's CofE P VC DE5 3BD5088807828.2100.5
St John's CofE P VC DE56 1GY7186868029.399.8
St Joseph's Catholic & CofE P VA S43 3LY1782717127.698.6
St Joseph's CP VA DE4 3FT2396878728.8100.6
St Joseph's CP VA NG20 9RP2310010010030.0103.6
St Laurence CofE P VA NG10 1DR3479716526.098.0
St Luke's CofE P VC SK13 7BS2785787427.899.4
St Margaret's CP VA SK13 6JH9891008928.3100.3
St Mary's CP VA S40 4ST6890787727.899.6
St Mary's CP VA SK22 3BL1889948928.899.8
Stonebroom P & N CY DE55 6JY2893837927.599.1
Stoney Midton CofE P VC S32 4TL2<<<<<
Street Lane P CY DE5 8NE910010010030.0101.5
Stretton Handley CofE P VC DE55 6FH5<<<<<
St Thomas CP VA DE7 4LF3579917627.799.1
Sudbury P CY DE6 5HZ650835025.0<
Swanwick P CY DE55 1BZ5790908629.6100.8
Taddington & Priestcliffe VA SK17 9TW1182917327.599.7
Tansley P CY DE4 5FG1080908028.8100.3
Taxal & Fernilee CofE P VC SK23 7DL2310010010030.7100.7
Temple Normanton P CY S42 5DW1164826426.2100.7
Thornsett P CY SK22 1AT1050704025.599.8
Tintwistle CofE P VA SK13 1LY1060805025.798.6
Town End J CY DE55 5PB4596969628.9100.4
Tupton P CY S42 6DY2962765926.099.5
Turnditch CofE P VA DE56 2LH1410010010030.4100.9
Unstone J CY S18 4AB2089797427.398.6
Waingroves P CY DE5 9TD2896898628.599.3
Walton Holymoorside P CY S42 7DU5494918729.6100.0
Walton-on-Trent CofE VC DE12 8NL978676726.399.1
Wessington P CY DE55 6DQ4<<<<<
Westhouses P CY DE55 5AF14100929230.7101.7
Weston-on-Trent CofE P VA DE72 2HX1275585827.598.9
Whaley Bridge P CY SK23 7HX3571696026.799.4
Whaley Thorns P CY NG20 9HB1776827628.4100.5
Whitecotes P CY S40 3HJ3566806326.799.6
Whitwell P CY S80 4NR3291787827.498.8
Wigley P CY S42 7JJ4<<<<<
William Gilbert Endowed P VA DE56 4EB3597979730.299.7
William Levick P CY S18 8YB3294848429.599.0
William Rhodes P CY S40 2NR2157674325.197.5
Willington P CY DE65 6DN2889898628.9100.8
Wirksworth J CY DE4 4FD3881817327.599.8
Woodbridge J CY DE55 7JA2656704824.798.1
Woodthorpe CofE P VC S43 3DA2110010010030.4101.7
Woodville CofE J VC DE11 7EA5288817927.898.9
Youlgrave All Saints CofE P VA DE45 1WN888757527.899.8