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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Almondbury J CY HD5 8TG6370625626.098.2
Ashbrow J CY HD2 1EX3531422522.097.1
Batley Parish CofE JI&N VA WF17 8PA2993868629.0100.5
Battyeford CofE P VC WF14 9QH6192929028.9100.2
Beech Early Years I&J CY HD7 4BE1283676726.0101.0
Birkby J CY HD1 6HE7167655824.899.2
Birkenshaw Mid CY BD19 4BE8791827728.198.9
Birstall Community P CY WF17 9EE1392696926.199.3
Boothroyd J&I CY WF13 3QD6070706225.498.7
Brockholes CofE J&I VC HD9 7EB2775796827.2100.2
Brownhill St Saviour's CofE J VA WF17 0NP5284696526.999.0
Bywell CofE J VC WF12 7LX9189898428.8100.6
Carlinghow Princess Royal JI&N CY WF17 8HT3662705724.799.3
Carlton J&I CY WF13 2DQ3379947927.7100.5
Cawley Lane JI&N CY WF16 0AN5190817927.8101.2
Chickenley Community JI&N CY WF12 8QT2744593023.999.0
Christ Church Woodhouse C of E J VA HD2 1JP2267716726.199.8
Clough Head J&I CY HD7 4NW888757525.998.2
Cowlersley P CY HD4 5US2488635827.098.6
Crosland Moor J CY HD4 5HX9162645625.399.8
Crossley Fields J&I CY WF14 0BE8291918528.6100.7
Crow Lane P & Foundation Stage CY HD3 4QT2458795825.9100.3
Crowlees CofE J&I VC WF14 9PD6010010010031.3101.9
Dalton CY HD5 9HN6077726827.299.8
Eastborough JI&N CY WF13 1NS3070505025.299.3
Fieldhead JI&N CY WF17 9BX1564675024.799.6
Field Lane JI&N CY WF17 5AH2990938327.2101.1
Fixby J&I CY HD2 2HB4480776626.398.6
Golcar JI&N CY HD7 4QE3288948428.0100.4
Gomersal CofE Mid VC BD19 4PX7580727027.199.5
Grange Moor P CY WF4 4EW583676726.597.9
Hade Edge J&I CY HD9 2DF1110010010029.5100.7
Hanging Heaton CofE J&I VC WF17 6DW1984636327.299.2
Hartshead J&I CY WF15 8AW1510010010030.0101.1
Headfield CofE J VC WF12 9PD12691777527.799.8
Headlands CofE J VC WF15 6PR5158605524.397.2
Healey JI&N CY WF17 8BN4959635425.299.1
Helme CofE J&I VA HD9 5RW2090868128.699.8
Hepworth J&I CY HD9 1TJ1310010010029.199.3
High Bank JI&N CY WF15 8LD970706026.799.3
Hightown CY WF15 8BL2560524024.698.1
Hillside P CY HD4 6LU4065383824.497.3
Hinchliffe Mill J&I CY HD9 2PF16100808028.099.9
Holme J&I CY HD9 2QQ5<<<<<
Holmfirth JI&N CY HD9 2RG3290848129.0100.7
Holy Spirit CP VA WF16 9EA3097939329.5100.4
Honley CofE J VC HD9 6BT5389858528.698.9
Hopton P CY WF14 8PR2710010010030.5101.2
Hyrstmount J CY WF17 7NS6875726526.499.7
Kirkburton Mid CY HD8 0TJ15884817727.798.8
Kirkheaton P CY HD5 0HR4286838127.999.8
Leeside Community P CY WF16 9BB3270675725.699.0
Lepton CofE J VC HD8 0DE17100898928.5100.6
Lindley J CY HD3 3LY12095979229.8100.0
Linthwaite Ardron CofE J&I VA HD7 5TA1587737326.099.1
Linthwaite Clough J I & Early Years Unit CY HD7 5NJ31100979729.1100.1
Littletown JI&N CY WF15 6LP2010010010029.3101.5
Lowerhouses CofE JI & Early Years VC HD5 8JY2248523923.998.1
Lydgate J&I CY WF17 6EY4390817927.499.3
Marsden J CY HD7 6EP4567786326.598.6
Meltham CofE P VC HD9 4DA5688797927.999.3
Meltham Moor P CY HD9 5LH2596969630.0102.1
Millbridge JI&N CY WF15 6HU2467676725.8100.0
Mill Lane JI & Early Years CY WF17 6EG1965706024.998.4
Moldgreen Community P CY HD5 8AE5394928828.4101.6
Moorlands P CY HD3 3UH8298959330.4100.9
Mount Pleasant JI&N CY HD1 3QS5555755225.4100.7
Netherthong P CY HD9 3EB3385888229.299.8
Newsome J CY HD4 6JN5693888428.1101.2
Nields JI&N CY HD7 5HT2572726426.3100.8
Norristhorpe J&I CY WF15 7AW6090858028.599.4
Old Bank JI&N CY WF14 0HW2169635624.6100.7
Our Lady of Lourdes CP VA HD2 1EA2085908527.3100.1
Overthorpe CofE J VC WF12 0BH4068555025.298.3
Paddock JI&N CY HD1 4JJ3675646126.099.5
Park Road JI&N CY WF17 5LP2969726225.299.4
Ravensthorpe CofE J VC WF13 3AS10889817827.7101.2
Rawthorpe J CY HD5 9NT5172666226.499.8
Reinwood Community J CY HD3 4YL8785878228.098.9
Roberttown CofE J&I VC WF15 8BE3591919129.2100.3
Rowley Lane JI&N CY HD8 0JD4495959529.4100.3
Scapegoat Hill J&I CY HD7 4NU989898927.098.4
Scholes Holmfirth J & I CY HD9 1SZ2996969630.0101.6
Scissett Mid CY HD8 9JX18284807427.798.6
Slaithwaite CofE J&I VC HD7 5UG1759765926.699.4
South Crosland CofE J VA HD4 7HF4894929029.499.8
Spring Grove JI&N CY HD1 4BJ3010010010029.4100.8
Staincliffe CofE J VC WF17 7QX8771766526.499.1
St John's CofE J&I VA HD7 4QQ2688968528.8100.9
St Joseph's CP Dewsbury VA WF13 4HY3178786927.6100.6
St Joseph's CP Huddersfield VA HD5 9HU2793938528.4100.9
St Mary's CP VA WF17 8PH3070676025.598.5
St Patrick's CP VA HD2 2BJ5292888729.8101.5
St Patrick's CP VA WF17 9LQ3093909028.7100.3
St Paulinus CP VA WF13 3QE5993888829.0100.9
St Peter's CofE J VA WF17 9HN2483888328.1101.4
St Thomas CofE P VC HD2 1RQ4363634924.898.5
Thornhill J&I CY WF12 0QT6280797527.299.5
Upperthong J&I CY HD9 2LE3288888129.199.9
Warwick Road JI&N CY WF17 6BS4589767627.9101.1
Wellhouse J&I CY HD7 4ES944564423.398.1
West End Mid CY BD19 3AE8472615525.697.6
Westmoor J CY WF13 4EW8083807527.4101.4
Whitechapel Mid CY BD19 6HR7186777227.799.1
Wilberlee J&I CY HD7 5UX11100909029.4100.0
Wooldale J CY HD9 1LJ4776766827.799.3