Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Acle St Edmund P VC NR13 3RQ3077777026.998.8
Admirals' J CY IP24 2JT8564595425.297.3
Alburgh with Denton CofE P VC IP20 0BW686434325.698.9
Aldborough P FD NR11 7PH1995847928.1100.8
All Saints CofE P VA NR21 0LT1783787826.098.1
All Saints CofE P VA IP22 2DZ17941009427.9100.7
Alpington & Bergh Apton CofE P VA NR14 7NH1894949430.2100.5
Angel Road J CY NR3 3HS8177786826.299.3
Anthony Curton CofE P VA PE14 7NG3284787527.1100.6
Antingham & Southrepps Community P CY NR11 8UG1894888828.1101.1
Ashill P VC IP25 7AP1486867927.6100.2
Aslacton P CY NR15 2JH850885027.098.5
Astley P CY NR24 2HH2690696926.998.7
Attleborough J CY NR17 2NA11185857627.9100.4
Avenue J CY NR2 3HP10386817728.899.4
Banham Community P CY NR16 2EX1091828228.499.8
Barford P CY NR9 4AB1191828228.499.9
Barnham Broom CofE P VA NR9 4BU1182737327.399.3
Bawburgh CY NR9 3LR10100676728.0100.0
Bawdeswell Community P CY NR20 4RR786867127.099.9
Beeston P CY PE32 2NQ1385927727.999.4
Belfry VA NR27 0NT2286958628.999.5
Bignold P CY NR2 2SP4670666025.397.6
Bishops CofE P VA IP24 1EB2455644524.098.7
Blakeney CofE P VA NR25 7NJ4<<<<<
Blenheim Park P CY NR21 7PX1158675024.898.3
Blofield P CY NR13 4RH2997909030.3101.0
Bluebell P CY NR4 7DS2352353524.299.2
Brancaster CofE P VA PE31 8AB786715727.4100.4
Bressingham P CY IP22 2AR1480676725.898.9
Brisley CofE P VA NR20 5LH1080908029.1101.4
Brockdish CofE P VC IP21 4JP1<<<<<
Brooke CofE P VC NR15 1HP2588888028.6100.2
Brundall P CY NR13 5JX5070746426.499.7
Bunwell P CY NR16 1SN1383675826.599.3
Bure Valley FD NR11 6JZ5976746326.798.7
Burnham Market P CY PE31 8JA1392626225.898.4
Burston Community P CY IP22 5TZ910010010029.399.8
Buxton P FD NR10 5EZ1776827126.8100.1
Caister J CY NR30 5ET9276817027.298.5
Cantley P CY NR13 3SA888757528.599.6
Carleton Rode CofE P VA NR16 1RW1275585825.598.8
Castle Acre CofE P VC PE32 2AR1078787826.097.9
Caston CofE P VA NR17 1DD878787825.799.5
Catfield CofE P VC NR29 5DA7000NAQ
Catton Grove P CY NR3 3TP4568705925.498.3
Cavell P & N CY NR1 2LR2060454024.297.2
Cawston P VC NR10 4AY1984797427.599.3
Clackclose Community P CY PE38 9PF3565564725.298.7
Clenchwarton Community P CY PE34 4DT3186837928.0100.8
Cliff Park J CY NR31 6SZ8971706026.798.2
Cobholm P CY NR31 0BA1443503622.398.9
Colby P CY NR11 7EA20100959528.6100.8
Colkirk CofE P VA NR21 7NW863756327.8100.1
Colman J CY NR4 7AU5671736627.499.3
Coltishall P CY NR12 7HA2383877427.8100.6
Corpusty P CY NR11 6QG1694888828.5101.4
Costessey J CY NR5 0RR5776897327.899.1
Cringleford CofE P VA NR4 6UG3083838028.2101.0
Cromer J CY NR27 0EX4887837827.599.1
Denver P VC PE38 0DP1110010010031.1102.3
Dersingham St George's CofE J FD PE31 6LR2488968828.499.0
Dickleburgh P VC IP21 4NL1210010010030.0101.1
Diss Church J VC IP22 4NT5983807327.298.6
Ditchingham CofE P VC NR35 2RE1942473223.398.7
Docking P FD PE31 8LH1292756726.8100.0
Downham Market CY PE38 9ND6085757227.7101.0
Drayton CofE J VC NR8 6EF8073756626.197.9
Duchy of Lancaster Methwold CofE P VC IP26 4PP1155554523.597.3
Dussindale P CY NR7 0US1<<<<<
Eastgate Community P CY PE30 1QA4477706525.4101.6
East Harling P & N CY NR16 2NQ2785898528.399.2
Eaton P CY NR4 6HU5784797728.5100.2
Edmund de Moundeford P VC IP26 4DB1694818128.599.3
Edward Worlledge Community J CY NR31 0ER5161414123.997.8
Ellingham P VC NR35 2PZ1283756726.598.5
Emneth P CY PE14 8AY4078756826.7100.3
Erpingham CofE P VC NR11 7QY1<<<<<
Fairhaven CofE P VA NR13 6DZ10801008028.2100.9
Fairstead Community P & N CY PE30 4RR4370846826.7102.3
Fakenham J CY NR21 8BN7277756927.699.6
Falcon J CY NR7 8NT7890807628.2100.2
Filby P CY NR29 3HJ978565627.099.2
Firside J CY NR6 5NF6877807328.099.0
Fleggburgh CofE P VC NR29 3AG9100676728.3100.2
Flitcham CofE P VA PE31 6BU1091918229.299.8
Forncett St Peter CofE P VA NR16 1LT1292837528.099.7
Foulsham P CY NR20 5RT1567474724.697.5
Freethorpe Community P CY NR13 3NZ2095858028.1100.6
Frettenham P Partnership CY NR12 7LL650505026.499.1
Garboldisham Church P VC IP22 2SE888888828.5100.8
Garvestone Community P CY NR9 4AD5<<<<<
Gaywood Community P CY PE30 4AY5871806827.098.8
George White J CY NR3 4RG4461544824.797.7
Glebeland Community P CY NR34 0EW1883838327.599.1
Gooderstone CofE P VA PE33 9BP6100838330.3101.0
Great Dunham P CY PE32 2LQ1479867927.099.2
Great Ellingham P CY NR17 1HX2886837628.5100.5
Great Hockham P CY IP24 1PB1070807026.198.9
Great Massingham CofE P VC PE32 2EY4<<<<<
Great Witchingham CofE P VA NR9 5SD1050702024.998.0
Greenacre P & N CY NR30 3DT6239372621.897.8
Gresham Village FD NR11 8RF13921009229.5100.7
Greyfriars P CY PE30 5PY4364514724.899.6
Hainford P Partnership VC NR10 3BQ1<<<<<
Happisburgh P VC NR12 0AB1191918228.499.3
Hapton CofE P VC NR15 1AD2<<<<<
Hargham & Wilby CofE P VA NR16 2PF8671006727.5101.1
Harleston CofE P VA IP20 9HG6281877628.2100.5
Harpley CofE P VC PE31 6DY743714325.399.6
Heacham J FD PE31 7EJ4391888428.099.8
Heartsease P CY NR7 9UE5576806526.699.4
Hemblington P CY NR13 4QJ1593878729.2100.0
Hempnall P CY NR15 2AD1369626225.898.0
Hemsby P CY NR29 4LH2993938628.499.3
Henderson Green P CY NR5 8DZ1638252521.296.8
Herman Community P CY NR31 7JL4467676025.699.2
Hethersett J VC NR9 3DB6186928328.198.8
Hevingham P CY NR10 5NH1675887527.099.1
Hilgay Village P VC PE38 0JL6<<<<<
Hillside Avenue P & N CY NR7 0QW7883908128.399.6
Hillside P CY NR31 8PA4188766827.298.8
Hindringham CofE P VC NR21 0PL1082737327.699.3
Hingham P CY NR9 4JB3168876526.499.0
Hockering CofE P VC NR20 3HN5<<<<<
Holt Community P CY NR25 6SG1464715026.498.2
Homefield CofE P VC NR31 8NS1671595925.198.5
Hopton CofE P VC NR31 9BT2377646426.199.9
Horning Community P CY NR12 8PX3<<<<<
Horsford CofE J VC NR10 3ES4679797227.998.7
Howard J CY PE30 4QJ3491797927.7101.7
Ingoldisthorpe CofE P VA PE31 6PE1782767626.198.3
James Bradfield CofE Community P VC PE33 9QJ1173827326.5100.0
Kelling P CY NR25 7ED1173645526.5100.2
Kenninghall Community P CY NR16 2EJ16941009429.6100.2
King George VI VC PE31 6RJ1<<<<<
Kinsale J CY NR6 5SG6180847527.999.4
Lakenham P CY NR1 2HL4665726125.099.3
Langham Village CY NR25 7DG9781007829.3100.3
Larkman P CY NR5 8ED4056463823.997.8
Lionwood J CY NR1 4HT3474766826.699.8
Litcham P CY PE32 2QT1593878729.2100.6
Little Melton P CY NR9 3AD788383825.999.1
Little Plumstead CofE P VA NR13 5DL2692817729.099.9
Little Snoring P CY NR21 0JN667836726.598.7
Loddon J FD NR14 6JX4282646127.398.8
Ludham P & N CY NR29 5QN1070906028.599.6
Lyng CofE P VC NR9 5RJ710010010030.4100.1
Magdalen Gates P CY NR3 1NG1688818128.3100.3
Magdalen Village CY PE34 3BU4<<<<<
Marham J CY PE33 9JJ2893686827.498.8
Marsham P CY NR10 5AE5<<<<<
Marshland St James P & N VC PE14 8EY2153534723.599.5
Martham Foundation P & N FD NR29 4PR6285898228.8100.8
Mattishall P CY NR20 3AA3297848428.1100.8
Midton P VC PE32 1SA1560604725.698.8
Mile Cross P CY NR3 2QU4273736625.199.3
Mileham P CY PE32 2RD3<<<<<
Millfield P CY NR28 0ES4587747027.5101.0
Moorlands CofE P VC NR31 9PA3872625426.298.7
Morley CofE P VA NR18 9TS1681756927.6100.5
Mulbarton J CY NR14 8JG4266615625.298.3
Mundesley J CY NR11 8LE3290948728.899.9
Mundford CofE P VC IP26 5ED1778675626.599.2
Narborough CofE P VC PE32 1TA1080908027.099.9
Neatishead CofE P VC NR12 8XN683838326.5100.6
Necton P VA PE37 8HT3376646426.399.3
Newton Flotman CofE P VC NR15 1PR1788887629.1100.0
Norman CofE P VA IP26 5NB1240504022.897.9
North Denes Mid CY NR30 4HF5365594925.197.9
North Elmham P VC NR20 5JS1776827128.4100.1
Northrepps P CY NR27 0LG3<<<<<
North Walsham J CY NR28 9HG5682807527.298.4
North Wootton Community CY PE30 3PT4684776827.298.8
Norwich Road Community P CY IP24 2HT6073806727.3100.3
Old Buckenham Community P CY NR17 1RH1984847928.1100.2
Old Catton CofE J VC NR6 7DS3266595925.697.3
Ormesby Village J CY NR29 3LA5393828228.7101.0
Parker's CofE P VC IP25 7HP14791007929.2100.5
Peterhouse P CY NR31 7BY2882827527.1101.1
Poringland P CY NR14 7RF3683868128.4100.3
Preston CofE P VC NR15 1NU1688888828.098.9
Pulham CofE P VC IP21 4SZ14791007928.198.8
Queen's Hill P CY NR8 5AZ1682766525.998.1
Rackheath P CY NR13 6SL17881008829.3101.3
Redcastle Family CY IP24 3PU2875797127.2100.4
Redgate J FD PE36 5DY2386817127.0101.1
Reedham P CY NR13 3TJ1210010010030.399.8
Reepham P CY NR10 4JP3090878328.299.0
Reffley Community CY PE30 3SF5881847628.0100.7
Robert Kett J FD NR18 0LS15889888328.7100.0
Rocklands Community P CY NR17 1TP710010010030.9100.1
Rockland St Mary P CY NR14 7EU1292505026.599.6
Rollesby P FD NR29 5EH978786726.099.0
Roydon P CY IP22 5QU4486938228.8100.4
Rudham CofE P VC PE31 8RF810010010029.3100.8
Runcton Holme CofE P VA PE33 0EL5<<<<<
Salhouse P VC NR13 6RJ1669635625.997.9
Sandringham & West Newton CofE P VA PE31 6AX1182918228.199.9
Saxlingham Nethergate CofE P VC NR15 1TD810010010030.499.9
Scarning P VC NR19 2PW2581857727.5100.1
Scole CofE P VC IP21 4ED1283757527.599.6
Sculthorpe CofE P VA NR21 9NQ3<<<<<
Sedgeford P CY PE36 5NQ5<<<<<
Seething & Mundham P CY NR15 1DL8100757527.4100.2
Shelton with Hardwick Community CY NR15 2SD6<<<<<
Sheringham Community P CY NR26 8UH7596928929.3101.0
Snettisham P CY PE31 7LT2080807027.598.6
Southery P CY PE38 0PA1377856926.399.1
South Wootton J FD PE30 3JZ5983928128.3100.1
Spooner Row P CY NR18 9JR1593878728.4100.0
Sporle P VC PE32 2DR1271796427.099.3
Sprowston J CY NR7 8EW6374847027.699.1
Stalham J CY NR12 9PS8276716326.798.7
St Andrew's CofE P VC PE37 8DA5<<<<<
St Andrew's CofE P VA IP22 2LR667676727.599.5
St Augustine's CP VA NR8 5AG3491918528.9101.1
St Edmund's Community Foundation FD PE30 2HU2565736225.7101.4
St Faith's CofE P VC NR10 3LF12100929228.899.5
St Germans P CY PE34 3DZ1258675025.998.3
St John's Community P & N CY NR12 8NX3087737327.499.3
St Martha's CP VA PE30 4AY3097797928.8100.8
St Martin at Shouldham CofE P VA PE33 0BU2085807529.3101.4
St Mary's CP & N VA NR31 6QY3083838027.499.9
St Mary's CofE J VC NR15 2UY5860885826.898.7
St Mary's Community P CY NR20 4BW3278816927.398.0
St Mary's Endowed CofE P VA NR11 8AF683836728.099.3
St Michael's CofE P VC PE30 5BW1735352921.698.7
St Michael's J VA NR5 9LA5878575425.797.8
St Nicholas J VA NR19 1BJ10470655725.598.4
St Nicholas Priory CofE J VC NR30 1NL9570635925.498.7
Stoke Holy Cross P CY NR14 8LY2896898528.7100.1
St Peter & St Paul CofE P VC IP25 6SW3177907427.8100.0
St Peter's CofE P VC NR9 5AD1481888127.8100.1
Stradbroke P CY NR31 6LZ3281847826.898.3
St Thomas More RC J VA NR2 3QB9087868227.8100.1
St William's P CY NR7 0AJ9187787127.699.2
Surlingham Community P CY NR14 7DQ1182828227.598.8
Swaffham CofE J VC PE37 7EA3482626226.097.9
Swanton Abbott Community P CY NR10 5DZ8751007528.599.7
Swanton Morley P VC NR20 4PX2554755425.899.1
Tacolneston CofE P VC NR16 1AL1090908027.399.6
Taverham J VC NR8 6SX11284807627.898.2
Ten Mile Bank P CY PE38 0EP3<<<<<
Terrington St Clement Community CY PE34 4LZ4776636126.398.8
Terrington St John P CY PE14 7SG1362624624.799.0
Thetford Queensway Community J CY IP24 3DP5056585024.198.1
Thomas Bullock P VA IP25 7LF2662735424.898.3
Thompson P FD IP24 1PY1369696225.298.0
Thurlton P CY NR14 6RN1477696927.2100.5
Thurton P VC NR14 6AT1610010010029.4100.9
Tilney All Saints P VC PE34 4RP963755026.399.0
Tilney St Lawrence Community P CY PE34 4QZ1250585024.8100.1
Tivetshall P CY NR15 2BP2<<<<<
Toftwood Community J CY NR19 1JB9485777527.6100.0
Trowse P CY NR14 8TH1610010010030.4101.0
Tuckswood Community P CY NR4 6BP1955755525.299.9
Tunstead P CY NR12 8AH1867836727.299.8
Upwell Community P CY PE14 9EW2683716327.6100.9
Valley P CY NR5 8XZ2371817126.7101.4
Walpole Cross Keys P CY PE34 4HD956675624.399.6
Walpole Highway P CY PE14 7QQ786717126.699.8
Walsingham Community P CY NR22 6DU2<<<<<
Watlington Community P CY PE33 0HU2972836627.2100.0
Watton J CY IP25 6AL6758634925.297.0
Weasenham CofE P VC PE32 2SP5<<<<<
Weeting P VC IP27 0QQ2387747427.499.0
Wells-next-the-Sea P & N CY NR23 1JG2375636325.998.8
Wensum J CY NR2 4HB2754735426.699.3
West Earlham J CY NR5 8HT4163735926.098.6
West Lynn P CY PE34 3JL1771715326.398.8
West Raynham CofE P VC NR21 7HH4<<<<<
West Walton Community P CY PE14 7HA3069725926.0100.2
West Winch P CY PE33 0LA2778787827.199.9
Whitefriars CofE P VA PE30 5AH5855755125.999.0
White Woman Lane J CY NR6 7JA6478757027.298.7
Wicklewood P FD NR18 9QJ2893868328.899.8
William Marshall CofE P VC PE14 9RB863383823.698.7
Wimbotsham & Stow Community CY PE34 3QH1387878028.899.9
Winterton P FD NR29 4AP571434326.599.1
Woodlands CY NR31 8QQ5986767327.998.3
Woodland View J CY NR10 3PY4787817427.8100.3
Woodton P CY NR35 2LL4<<<<<
Wormegay CofE P VC PE33 0RN978896727.399.4
Worstead CofE P VC NR28 9RQ1282918229.5100.2
Wreningham P VC NR16 1AW1688888128.7100.6
Wroughton J CY NR31 8BD9180797027.1100.0
Yaxham CofE P VA NR19 1RU9781007829.0101.5
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