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Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Adderley CofE P VC TF9 3TF667505025.0<
Albrighton P CY WV7 3QS4093908828.099.5
Alveley P CY WV15 6JT1410010010030.6103.0
Barrow CofE P VA TF12 5BW3<<<<<
Baschurch CofE P VA SY4 2AU22100868628.8100.3
Beckbury CofE P VC TF11 9DQ875887528.199.4
Belvidere P CY SY2 5YB3669946927.099.8
Bicton CofE P VC SY3 8EH21100959530.1101.1
Bishop Hooper CofE P FD SY8 3BJ5<<<<<
Bishops Castle P CY SY9 5PA1974686826.599.8
Bitterley CofE P VA SY8 3HF1080807026.798.5
Bomere Heath CofE P VC SY4 3PQ1579937929.1100.6
Brockton CofE P VC TF13 6JR15100808028.099.9
Broseley CofE P VC TF12 5LW2788968828.699.9
Brown Clee CofE P VC WV16 6SS1292928329.3100.2
Bryn Offa CofE P VC SY10 9QR1681948127.6100.5
Buildwas P CY TF8 7DA6831008327.599.6
Burford CofE P VC WR15 8AT2085908528.4100.0
Castlefields P CY WV16 5DQ3488888228.399.1
Cheswardine P CY TF9 2RU1573806726.699.6
Chirbury CofE P VC SY15 6BN10801008028.2100.3
Christ Church CofE P VC SY5 6DH1680807327.6100.0
Church Preen P CY SY6 7LH5<<<<<
Claverley CofE P VA WV5 7DU21100959528.2100.2
Clee Hill Community P CY SY8 3NE1888887627.798.7
Cleobury Mortimer P CY DY14 8PE3489978928.4101.0
Clive CofE P VC SY4 3LF1493939329.6100.5
Clunbury CofE P VA SY7 0HE888756327.499.3
Cockshutt CofE P VC SY12 0JE667673325.5<
Coleham P CY SY3 7EN5898959530.9101.5
Condover CofE P VA SY5 7AA1510010010031.0102.1
Corvedale CofE P VA SY7 9DH1479867127.999.4
Criftins CofE P VC SY12 9LT14100797928.599.0
Crowmoor P & N CY SY2 5JJ2282827726.999.0
Dorrington CofE P VA SY5 7JL5<<<<<
Ellesmere P CY SY12 9EU4977877427.599.7
Farlow CofE P VC DY14 0RQ1<<<<<
Gobowen P CY SY11 3LD2778937427.799.2
Grange P CY SY1 3QR5483746626.998.2
Greenacres P FD SY1 3QG1756615024.898.0
Greenfields P CY SY1 2AH4386797428.0100.0
Hadnall CofE P VC SY4 4BE1580807326.098.5
Harlescott J CY SY1 4QN7282615626.097.9
Highley Community P CY WV16 6EH3458524525.498.7
Hinstock P CY TF9 2TE1386797927.9100.2
Hodnet P CY TF9 3NS2767635626.5100.6
Holy Trinity CofE P VC SY11 2LF3369564425.198.6
Hope CofE P VC SY5 0JB5<<<<<
Hopton Wafers CofE P VC DY14 0NA4<<<<<
Ifton Heath P CY SY11 3DH3187908128.5100.0
John Wilkinson P CY TF12 5AN2410010010030.5101.2
Kinlet CofE P VC DY12 3BG2<<<<<
Kinnerley CofE P VC SY10 8DF1110010010029.7101.4
Longden CofE P VA SY5 8EX17100949429.0100.8
Longlands P CY TF9 1QU2355594124.498.3
Longnor CofE P VC SY5 7PP1894787828.5100.4
Lower Heath CofE P VC SY13 2BT1090707027.399.7
Ludlow J CY SY8 1HX6879746827.099.3
Lydbury North CofE P VA SY7 8AU5<<<<<
Maesbury P CY SY10 8HD850635023.399.5
Market Drayton J CY TF9 3HU7979787027.399.5
Martin Wilson CY SY1 2SP2669424224.6100.3
Meadows P CY SY11 2EA3689898628.999.9
Meole Brace CofE P & N VC SY3 9HG3890928529.4100.7
Mereside CofE P VC SY2 6LE5283606026.098.6
Minsterley P CY SY5 0BE1593939329.2100.2
Morda CofE P VC SY10 9NR2090908527.399.5
Moreton Say CofE P VC TF9 3RS1593737327.699.4
Morville CofE P VC WV16 4RJ863635024.498.7
Mount Pleasant P CY SY1 3BY2190909029.0100.9
Much Wenlock P CY TF13 6JG1974796827.599.1
Myddle CofE P VC SY4 3RP1182646426.599.5
Newcastle CofE P VC SY7 8QL5<<<<<
Newtown CofE P VC SY4 5NU19841008427.899.3
Norbury P CY SY9 5EA989676726.7100.1
Norton-in-Hales CofE P VC TF9 4AT14100939330.2100.7
Oakmeadow CofE P & N VC SY3 0NU4691858328.799.9
Onny CofE P VA SY7 9AW4<<<<<
Our Lady & St Oswald's CP VA SY11 2TG2086767627.9101.5
Oxon CofE P VC SY3 5BJ5684918228.8100.3
Pontesbury CofE P VC SY5 0TF2993979329.4100.9
Prees CofE P VC SY13 2ER2274706126.298.9
Radbrook P CY SY3 6DZ32941009430.6100.6
Rushbury CofE P VC SY6 7EB743432922.798.9
Selattyn CofE P VC SY10 7DH12831008329.5100.5
Shawbury P CY SY4 4JR1182646425.999.5
Sheriffhales P CY TF11 8RA1110010010030.8100.9
Shifnal P CY TF11 8EJ30971009729.2101.5
Shrewsbury Cathedral CP VA SY1 2SP2378747427.399.0
St Andrew's CofE P VC SY4 1DB1292838329.8100.0
St Andrew's CofE P VC TF11 9HD3697949429.5100.8
St George's CofE P VA SY7 8JQ888888830.4102.3
St George's J CY SY3 8LU9092938829.399.5
St Giles CofE P VC SY2 5NJ4890929029.3100.2
Stiperstones CofE P VC SY5 0LZ2<<<<<
St John's CP VA WV16 4HW3194717128.399.4
St John the Baptist CofE P VC SY4 1LA2190807528.4100.0
St Laurence CofE P VC SY8 1TP2975866827.899.8
St Lawrence CofE P VC SY6 6EX3982907928.799.5
St Leonard's CofE P VC WV16 4HL4272776326.399.3
St Lucia's CofE P VC SY4 4TZ1586938628.199.7
St Mary CofE P VC WV7 3DS3194909028.9100.1
St Mary's Bluecoat CofE P VA WV15 5EQ3376706426.699.6
St Mary's CofE P VC SY4 4PF2291878727.799.0
St Marys CofE P VA SY5 9QX1275756726.399.8
St Mary's CofE P VA SY7 0AA888757528.9100.4
Stoke-on-Tern P CY TF9 2LF1780878028.2100.5
Stokesay P CY SY7 9NW2676766425.998.1
Stottesdon CofE P VC DY14 8UE1669816926.399.6
St Peter's CofE P VC SY4 5BX6087898428.8100.7
St Thomas & St Anne CofE P VC SY5 8JN1283928329.3100.6
Tilstock CofE P & N VC SY13 3JL4<<<<<
Trefonen CofE P VC SY10 9DY1377857728.299.1
Trinity CofE P VC SY5 9LG14931009328.3100.7
Welshampton CofE P VC SY12 0PG1291929129.6100.6
West Felton CofE P VC SY11 4JR1191828228.1100.5
Weston Lullingfields CofE FD SY4 2AW978676725.398.5
Weston Rhyn P CY SY10 7SR2486827728.1100.3
Whitchurch CofE J VC SY13 1RX8683877927.599.9
Whittington CofE P VA SY11 4DA31901009028.8100.9
Whixall CofE P VC SY13 2SB2090858028.4100.8
Wilfred Owen CY SY2 5SH3577716626.599.5
Wistanstow CofE P VC SY7 8DQ1275585026.299.0
Woodside P CY SY11 1DT7175706326.399.3
Woore P CY CW3 9SQ757865725.3100.1
Worfield Endowed CofE P VA WV15 5LF2487878727.899.4
Worthen CofE P VC SY5 9HT11100828228.999.8