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Waltham Forest

Key to the League Tables

QIndicates the schools data is under query and is not appropriate to be published.
+Indicates test results unavailable for reasons beyond the school's control, ie scripts have been lost
<Indicates a small school with fewer than 10 pupils
NAMeans not appropriate for publication
#Indicates that the value added measure is based on less than 50% of the pupils (as most have not been with the school that long)
Column ANumber of pupils eligible to take test
Column BPercentage getting level 4 in English
Column CPercentage getting level 4 in maths
Column DPercentage getting level 4:combined English and maths
Column EAverage Point Score
Column FValue added score*
* A school's value added score is calculated by looking at the child's achievement upon arrival at the school and predicting their score in the tests for 11-year-olds. A score more than 100 indicates how much they have improved on that prediction average. A score lower than 100 means that the average pupil has done worse than expected.
School NameABCDEF
Ainslie Wood P CY E4 9DD5578817427.7100.1
Barclay P CY E10 6EJ11986888227.9101.0
Barn Croft P CY E17 8SB2977837027.099.0
Buxton FD E11 3NN7582837727.2100.0
Chapel End J CY E17 4LS8074676227.099.8
Chase Lane P CY E4 8LA8987908328.799.8
Chingford CofE J VC E4 7BP6092828228.099.7
Chingford Hall P CY E4 8YJ1910010010031.1104.7
Coppermill P CY E17 6PB2980737026.999.6
Davies Lane P CY E11 3DR5188807627.1100.0
Dawlish P CY E10 6NN3083796926.799.9
Downsell P CY E15 2BS8671766326.399.2
Edinburgh P CY E17 8QR3069625925.9100.1
George Mitchell CY E10 5DN3044413022.796.9
George Tomlinson P CY E11 4QU5881787427.4101.2
Greenleaf P CY E17 6QW6188868129.4101.4
Gwyn Jones P CY E11 1EU2968866827.099.2
Handsworth P CY E4 9PJ5995939029.1100.2
Henry Maynard J CY E17 9LT11287958728.5100.3
Hillyfield P CY E17 6ED9087888627.9100.9
Jenny Hammond P CY E11 3JN2782967928.3100.8
Larkswood P CY E4 8ET8073706326.499.6
Longshaw P CY E4 6LH4589847828.6101.2
Mayville P CY E11 4PZ4793898728.3102.0
Mission Grove P CY E17 7EJ6080857327.2101.4
Newport CY E10 6PJ8486828228.2102.0
Oakhill P CY IG8 9PY2997939028.4100.6
Our Lady & St George's CP VA E17 3EA6090888528.399.9
Parkside P CY E4 6RE2873696226.3100.7
Riverley P CY E10 7BZ5765564624.697.9
Roger Ascham P CY E17 5HU5983887928.1102.8
Selwyn P CY E4 9NG8478656126.199.3
South Grove P CY E17 8PW6071766826.099.9
St Joseph's Catholic J VA E10 5DX5986868327.799.9
St Mary's CP VA E4 7BJ3297979730.2100.9
St Mary's Walthamstow CofE P VA E17 3BN2893969330.1101.2
Stoneydown Park CY E17 6JY2992858528.4100.1
St Patrick's CP VA E17 7DP5473867126.899.9
St.Saviour's CofE P VA E17 8ER2889938928.4100.5
Sybourn P CY E17 8HA9063595325.299.7
Thomas Gamuel P CY E17 8LG6090737227.9100.4
Thorpe Hall P CY E17 4DP5984827527.9100.9
Whitehall P CY E4 6ES5872746926.3100.7
Whittingham Community P CY E17 5QX5980696125.799.7
Willow Brook P CY E10 7BH5869534824.598.1
Winns P CY E17 5ET8983787126.9101.9
Woodford Green P CY IG8 0ST2986937928.0102.6
Woodside CY E17 3JX8871736625.299.0
Yardley P CY E4 7PH5887978729.6100.9