Election '97: QUOTES OF THE DAY

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I think Christine Hamilton is my best campaign asset. I am used to be being ambushed in places like Biafra but never anything like that - Martin Bell

I am for Britain and I think we are giving too much away to Europe. For example, 80 per cent of the fish is ours - Baroness Thatcher

If and when he is shown to have misbehaved - but only if and when he is shown to have misbehaved - then he should face the House of Commons - John Major on Neil Hamilton

I'd do anything to get Major back . . . thinking back, things were going quite well . . . things were nice and calm - Repentant Labour "voters from the future", in the Conservative election broadcast

They put tax up almost straight after they got in, when they promised they wouldn't - A "voter from the future" on the Labour government

I think it is quite wrong. It's stupid and there is no necessity for it. Liberal Democrats should have the opportunity to vote for a Liberal Democrat candidate. We have denied them the right to do so. That is quite wrong and against the democratic principle - Sir Cyril Smith on the withdrawal of the Liberal Democrat candidate in Tatton