Firm pulls out of Peak Park quarry

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A QUARRYING operation in a beauty spot which came under fire from Peak District national park officials is to close.

RMC Roadstone has announced it is to withdraw from Longstone Edge, where it took over mineral extraction of fluorspar and limestone two years ago. The decision follows a move earlier this month when the national park authority blocked a proposed expansion of quarrying in the park.

Officials also claimed that RMC was taking limestone in breach of permissions which were granted only for fluorspar and ordered the company to halt all quarrying immediately.

Although the mining company initially said it would appeal over the decision, it has now decided to cooperate with the Peak Park. "We will go into discussions with the park over a restoration programme and an orderly withdrawal from the site," a spokesman said.

"Quarrying will cease, but you can't just walk away. It has to be made safe and so on. As the company has stated in previous communications with the local community, it is keen to work with the Peak Park and the land and minerals owners to seek a solution to this matter."

The decision was welcomed by residents and environmentalists. The issue was seen as a test case by 11 national parks which face more than 100 similar quarrying plans.