Gay judge reveals he is living with Aids

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EDWIN CAMERON, a South African High Court judge and campaigner for gay and human rights, who declared his homosexuality three years ago, said yesterday he had Aids.

The 46-year-old judge, who made the declaration during a hearing for a position on the country's Constitutional Court, said he wished to highlight the plight of HIV sufferers in the world's most infected continent.

"The choice to speak is available to me ... because I have a job position that is secure; because I am surrounded by loved ones, friends and colleagues who support me; and because I have access to medical care," he said.

"For millions of South Africans living with HIV... these conditions do not exist. They have no jobs, or their jobs would be at risk if they spoke about their HIV."

Aids awareness groups warmly welcomed the judge's declaration. "Justice Cameron's openness is a courageous personal step," said a joint statement from five action groups.(Reuters)