Groom pranks his wife by destroying their wedding cake

Joe Cox, had two waiters drop a fake cake to get her back for choosing the cake he wanted

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Joe Cox decided the best way to kick off his married life was to pull a prank on his new wife, having a pair of entertainers dress us as waiters and drop their cake.

Watch video below:

His new wife - Laura can be seen shocked approaching the waiters in anger. "She was gob smacked and thought her day was ruined" the cheeky groom said "our guests were stunned".

Joe said he had the idea as they were picking cakes for their wedding, having left all the decisions to Laura, had wanted a different cake to the one she had chosen "“I liked the first one so she chose the second one,” he said. “So I thought ‘I’ll put my own twist on it whilst working away and have time on my hands.’”

Luckily Joe had used a prop cake and Laura quickly realised that it had been a prank "“We still laugh about it today,” Joe said.