Head tells pupils why he had pornography

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A HEADMASTER held a school assembly yesterday to explain to his pupils - including his son - why he had a briefcase full of sex aids, pornographic magazines and videos.

The pornography, some involving gay sex, was found after burglars broke into the study of Bryan Purvis, 52, head of William Hulme Grammar School in Manchester. The material was turned out when thieves ransacked the room.

Mr Purvis, who is married, told his pupils, including son David, 17, that he bought the goods after suffering reduced "sexual competence" from medication for depression. "They were very surprised if not a little shocked," he said later.

He told them he had never behaved improperly in his relationships and that the matters were private and did not affect his professional duties.

Mr Purvis, who also has two daughters, wrote to parents of the 800 pupils asking for their understanding. The governors of the pounds 5,000-a- year school meet on Tuesday to discuss his future.