Health: Aspirin could help prevent strokes

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Thousands of stroke victims could prevent a further attack by taking aspirin, researchers said yesterday. Experts believe up to one- third of strokes could be prevented or postponed in this way.

A survey by the Stroke Association to mark the start of National Stroke Week shows that 14 per cent of people who have had strokes are not taking aspirin, even though it could reduce their risk of having another stroke.

Yesterday, the charity, which wants to encourage wider use of long-term aspirin treatment, urged GPs to maintain a register of all their patients who have had strokes to assess if they are suitable for aspirin treatment.

Patients who have had a haemorrhage stroke - caused by an artery bursting and damaging the brain around it - should consult their GP before taking aspirin regularly.

The survey of 1,400 doctors and 1,300 patients also found that 15 per cent of stroke patients who had been told their blood pressure was high were not taking drugs for this condition