Hindley would get a job easily, says Longford

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The Moor murderer Myra Hindley would have a job waiting for her if she was ever released from prison, her long-time supporter Lord Longford said yesterday.

The Labour peer (right), who has campaigned for Hindley's freedom, said he had no doubt that she would find work and said he knew a some people who would take her on.

"She is a trained secretary and she has an Open University honours degree," he said. "She'd be a personal assistant to somebody. Myra has many friends and supporters. The idea that she is hated by everyone is quite wrong."

Hindley, 55, and her lover, Ian Brady, were convicted in 1966 of the murders of a number of children.

She has served almost 32 years of a life sentence, but her legal team are planning to challenge the "life means life" ruling in her case.

Lord Longford, 91, said he could imagine a press conference at which she would introduce herself to the world.

"She's a world figure. Journalists would see a bespectacled middle-aged lady, full of friendliness. The press would think there was no story and they would soon get sick of it."

He said Hindley was not evil but an intelligent, religious and good person.

"Millions are being told she is eveil and it's a lie. She is a nice and sensible woman."

Lord Longford said Brady was intellectually brilliant, but bonkers, while Hindley was a good and virtuous person.

Kate Watson-Smyth