'I think the truth will come out'

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The following are extracts from Louise Woodward's press conference given on her arrival at Manchester Airport yesterday morning:

"I feel very sorry for the death of baby Matthew, but like I said time and time again, I had nothing to do with his death. I did not hurt Matthew, I did not kill baby Matthew. I just hope that the medical community will take up my case now that all avenues of appeal are closed."

How could you prove your innocence?

"I think the medical evidence is the only thing that can really do that. We tried to do that in the trial and I think because of the pre-trial publicity I didn't get a fair trial. I'm all in favour of educating people about shaken baby syndrome ... [to] prevent mistakes being made and a rush to judgment."

Do you have any message for the Eappens?

"No, I don't."

How important for you was the support from home?

"I had support from all over the world ... I used to receive mountains of mail. It made a big difference. Whenever I got my hands on a British newspaper it helped me to think that I wasn't forgotten."

What will you do with your trust fund?

"I don't think I can answer questions about that right now. As to my future ... I would like to go to university ... I'd like to do what any other 20-year-old would do."

How have you changed in the two years away?

"I've grown up an awful lot. I know too much about American law. I hope it will have changed me for the better.

What about the label of amanslaughter conviction?

"Of course I'm upset that I've got a conviction, but it's a conviction I don't deserve. And I think in time the truth will come out."

How do you feel about headlines describing you as a child killer?

"I put it all down to the atrocious pre-trial publicity that I received in America. I was thrown in jail ... I didn't get my say until the trial and by then it was too late. I think the jury pool was tainted and like I said I don't think I got a fair trial."

Why have you decided not to sell your story?

"Well, I just don't think it would be right."