If It's Thursday Then It Must Be Formality Followed By Yoga

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A YEAR ago Liz Legg, 26, was a pub licensee earning a a modest salary. Today she is a web-page designer, working with Internet technology and constantly adapting to the demands of her client companies.

Like those identified in the Henley Centre report, she views her IT skills as a marketable, transferable asset that give her a greater sense of control over her life than if she were striving after the "myth" of job security.

Now, she leads a "spider life", flipping from formal attire and a restrained approach for traditional businesses and a more casual, active role with fast-moving clients in the media world.

Her social network is made up of friends from school, university and work. "With certain friends and at home I am quite quiet but my wild, outgoing side comes out when I go clubbing.

"I have no idea who my neighbours are but when I go to see my family in Letchworth it's like touching base with reality. I'm just Liz again."