I'm pregnant again, says Mandy Allwood

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Mandy Allwood, who six months ago lost eight octuplets produced by in- vitro fertility (IVF) treatment, is pregnant again, the publicist Max Clifford has confirmed.

Ms Allwood (right), 32, of Solihull, West Midlands, who became pregnant six weeks ago by her lover, Paul Hudson, said: "It's a miracle. It's happened so quickly we even stunned the doctors - again. We think it's just the one this time - and we're more than happy with that.

"This just confirms to me that we did the right thing by trying to have all eight babies before. It was our decision to try and give them all life. When we lost them I thought my world was ending. A part of me died with each one."

Her eight-baby pregnancy - the first in Britain - ended in miscarriages last October and she and Mr Hudson, 38, were criticised for continuing the multiple pregnancy. The News of the World had agreed to pay her a reported pounds 1m if all eight were born.

Ms Allwood's gynaecologist advised her to undergo embryo reduction treatment to enable two or three foetuses to have a greater chance of survival. There were also calls for restrictions on National Health Service fertility treatment after it emerged that Ms Allwood already had a son by her former husband, Simon Pugh.

Mr Clifford, who was hired by the couple during the eight-baby pregnancy, said: "This seals Mandy's relationship with Paul. They've been trying since it was physically possible."