Inquiry into Kray prison video

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An inquiry is to be launched into how Reg Kray, one of Britain's most notorious killers, was able to make a commercial video about his brother, Ron, from inside a high-security jail.

The Prison Service inquiry will examine whether Kray is set make any money from the video, The Epilogue of Ron Kray. A friend said Kray had recorded about three 45-minute tapes from inside Maidstone Prison in the last few months. The woman said all Kray's profits would go to charity.

If Kray is found to have used the prison as a recording studio it will be deeply embarrassing for the Prison Service at a time Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, has been talking about making jail's tougher for inmates. There are also strict rules against criminals making money from their crimes.

Kray, a former gangland leader in London's East End, was given a life sentence in 1969 for killing Jack "The Hat" McVitie, who was stabbed to death. In the forthcoming video Kray is credited as executive producer, co-producer and for providing the dialogue.

Ron Kray was jailed for life for the murder of gangsters George Cornell and Jack McVitie in 1968 and died of a heart attack a year ago in Broadmoor hospital. The video is an account of his funeral with a commentary by Reg Kray of the event.

A Prison Service spokesman said: "The Prison Service has not given permission for Reggie Kray to be involved in the making of the video. If it is found that he has been, a full inquiry will follow."