Jubilee Tube extension might not link up with existing line

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A vital pounds 2.75bn Tube extension, already six months late, is likely to open in two separate sections because of signalling difficulties, it was revealed yesterday. And it could be several months before passengers using the Jubilee Line extension will be able to travel the entire route without changing trains, London Underground warned.

The 10-mile, 10-station extension, linking central London with Docklands, is due to open in September 1998. But LU says a hi-tech signalling system, due to be installed in June, could take time to "bed down".

If there are difficulties, LU plans to run the line in two sections: one on the existing line from Stanmore in Middlesex to Charing Cross in central London, and the other on the new section from Waterloo in south London, through Docklands to Stratford in east London. Passengers wanting to use the entire route will have to change at Charing Cross or Waterloo. Eventually, the line will bypass Charing Cross, using Westminster to link up to the old route at Green Park.

An LU spokesman admitted "it could be some months before through journeys are possible."