Killer on run with waitress after prison wedding

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A murderer who married in prison eight weeks ago is on the run with a waitress he met while doing community work in a pub.

Peter McCluskie, 34, escaped from Wealstun Prison, near Wetherby, West Yorkshire, on Wednesday. Jailed in 1982 for kicking a man to death, he was working in the restaurant at Bingley Arms, Bardsey, Leeds, on day- release from the open prison. Although he married an older woman two months ago, police believe he is on the run with another woman, 22-year-old Sarah Brown, a waitress at the Bingley Arms.

The couple have known each other for several months and friends say they are in love. McCluskie murdered Tommy Parker, 56, of Crosby, Liverpool, in November 1980, by kicking him repeatedly in the head.