Leisure: Hotels' wet and wild side

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Couples snorkelling in the bath and hosing each other down with sodawater are just some of the weird and watery pleasures of hotel guests, the AA reveals today in its 1998 Hotel Guide.

Other aquatic anecdotes reported in the guide include a Chinese guest who asked for a goldfish to take in the bath with him to aid relaxation; a party of Japanese visitors who booked three rooms in Carmarthen, south Wales, but all used the same bath because they liked the view of the river Wye; a guest in Llangollen in Wales who flooded two floors and a banqueting area after leaving the bath running and going for a long walk; and a woman at a hotel in Ashburton, Devon, who complained that while she was bathing a dog had entered her room and run off with her knickers.

The sodawater incident involved a guest who ordered several siphons from room service and later apologised for soaking the bed and surrounding area. He explained he and his girlfriend enjoyed squirting the water at each other. The snorkelling incident came to light when staff investigating a flood discovered two guests in a bathroom wearing face masks and breathing tubes.