Liberation Of Kosovo: Quotes

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"I know there is a focus on the 200 Russians who are there - but it's more important to focus on the Nato troops coming in and the Serbs withdrawing"

Prime Minister Tony Blair

"I have not invited the Russian contingent [in Pristina] to hold a musket parade to allow me to count them"

General Sir Mike Jackson

"From now on, this country will breathe in Albanian"

Rexhep Krasniqi, an Albanian fighter in Prizren

"We hope Nato came here to make life better not only for Albanians but all ethnic groups. We expect security from them"

Milutin Timotiyevch

a Serbian priest in Prizren

"We were told by our relatives in Pristina our home is all right and we decided to go. I cannot stay anymore"

Bajrush Azemi,

a refugee in Macedonia

"We will not obstruct the return of the Kosovars to their homeland. That would be morally irresponsible"

Lt-Colonel Andrew Williams,Nato refugee aid force