Liberation of Kosovo: Quotes

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"The refugees' stories underestimate the savagery meted out by Serb forces"

Geoff Hoon

"I would use a sniper rifle... They were just shadows in my sights"

Andrew Feeney, student and the KLA fighter

"I was in Sarajevo. I was in Mogadishu. But this town has been cut to bits"

One of first Nato officers to enter Mitrovica

"We have to get to a point where people don't feel the need to go to bed with a Kalashnikov"

Jamie Shea

"We need to do more than wave a big stick. We need to offer the Russians a carrot"

British official on eve of Cologne G8 summit

"We think they are terrified, tired and hungry"

Abbi Spring of WFP, on the 50,000 Serbs who have fled Kosovo