Liberation of Kosovo: Quotes

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"You have suffered enough. I don't want anyone else to lose an arm or a leg or a child because of a landmine"

Bill Clinton in Macedonia

"[We don't] want to call people in [to] the streets in these difficult times"

Vuk Draskovic, Yugoslav opposition leader

"When I heard Mr President would be here, I delayed my trip [home] so I could thank him, the US and Nato"

Refugee Driton Fetahu

"Milosevic has lost support, especially from the Serbs from Kosovo"

Slobodan Vuksanovic, Yugoslav opposition leader

Booby-traps "are in use in Bosnia and may be used in Kosovo"

Colin King of `Jane's Intelligence Review'

"Very soon, K-For will be the only military security presence here"

Nato's General Sir Michael Jackson