Lions saved from death

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A PAIR of lions rejected by their fellow animals in a safari park were saved from being put down yesterday after a home was found for them at the last minute.

Brothers Bruno and Bantu had to be moved after they were turned into outcasts by the dominant males at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire.

Time was running out because no new home could be found and they faced death by lethal injection - until West Midlands Safari Park stepped in.

The pair will be moved to the park in Bewdley, Hereford and Worcester, next week, where they will eventually replace the park's dominant but ageing male lions.

Chris Webster, Woburn's chief executive, said: "I am hugely relieved and very pleased indeed that there has been a positive outcome, more positive than we could possibly have hoped for.

"When they started to plan the succession in their pride they remembered our situation and were only too happy to take on our two."

Bruno and Bantu had to be removed, both to avoid them suffering and to protect the fragile balance of the pride.