Magazine advertisement criticised

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Almost 250 viewers have complained to the Independent Television Commission about an advertisement for a magazine featuring articles about the life and crimes of killers like Fred West and Peter Sutcliffe.

Viewers complained that an advertisement in March for Marshall Cavendish's "part-work", Murder in Mind, was offensive, and glorified the murderers. It is the second time the advertisement has been the subject of complaints. A smaller number of complaints were lodged when it was first shown, in the South West TV region, last October.

The ITC decided that advertisements for publications about murder could not be banned, otherwise newspapers would be unable to advertise crime reports. However, it warned broadcasters that such "sinister" music as accompanied the advertisement might upset viewers, and told them to ensure that in future the music was not so deliberately melodramatic.

The advertisements were not screened in Scotland because of the anniversary of the Dunblane tragedy.