Major joins Diana dispute

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JOHN Major last night stepped into the controversy over the decision to put the signature of Diana, Princes of Wales on tubs of margarine with a statement calling for "respect" for her memory.

Mr Major, who was made special guardian to Princes William and Harry after their mother's death, hinted that his words had been sanctioned by her family. "I hope every care, consideration and sensitivity will be given to the impact of such decisions upon those closest to the Princess. The Princess's reputation is very precious to her family and friends and her memory deserves respect. It is proper that the proceeds of sponsorship and licensing benefit good causes, dear to the Princess's heart.

"Decisions on the granting of these should be taken in a way that preserves the dignity of the Royal Family, and the affection and respect in which the Princess is held. I know that these views are shared by the Princess's family."

The intervention was not the first by Mr Major on the subject. Last month he said much of the publicity concerning the Princess was "shoddy" and could only add to the princes' distress.

The tubs of Flora went on sale on Monday bearing the word "Thanks" in letters on the top. The product was the first to carry the official logo commemorating the princess. The decision provoked criticism that Diana's name was being used in a "tacky" way.

Mr Major was appointed to protect the interests of the princes in negotiations over their mother's will. The appointment was reported to have been made at the suggestion of the Prince of Wales.

The royal family told Downing Street about the proposal to appoint Major and No 10 approved.