Asda launches 'gimmick-free' Christmas advert


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Asda is to launch its "gimmick-free" Christmas advert this weekend, claiming it is spending the money saved on beating its competitors' prices.

A series of 20 "hardworking" adverts will have "no gimmicks, no promotions and no celebrity-filled features" as the supermarket giant battles its major rivals Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons for the Christmas market.

The first, to screen during ITV's X Factor on Saturday, will pan along a line of shabby snowmen decked out in yellow, blue and orange scarves before the camera settles on the last snowman that is "bigger and better" and dressed in green.

Asda chief marketing officer Steve Smith said: "Our customers are the driving force behind this campaign and we know more than ever they need us to hold down the cost of Christmas and help make their lives easier.

"Although we have spent 10% less on our media plan this year, the reach and frequency of our campaign will be much higher. We've developed a campaign that means you won't be able to pick up a newspaper, watch TV or go online without seeing one of our products or adverts."

Last year's ad from Asda, which showed an exhausted mother making all the Christmas preparations on her own, drew 620 complaints, with the majority claiming it was sexist because it reinforced "outdated gender stereotypes".

The Advertising Standards Authority cleared the ad, ruling that it reflected Asda's view of the majority of its customers' Christmases.