Blythe Duff: My week in media

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Last week I watched...

David Attenborough's fantastic Life In Cold Blood on BBC1 on Monday. He brought me up to speed on geckos (pictured), lizards and all sorts of things I never thought I'd be interested in. The attention to detail and the extraordinary filming process are beyond belief. He consistently produces the goods and I just like him. There was a fantastic moment where he held up a mirror to one of the lizards, which holds up this bit of skin that hangs beneath his chin, and is an incredible colour, when he thinks he's being challenged by another male. Of course, when the lizard saw himself in the mirror he held up the piece of skin. It was so simple and so effective, and you could see how pleased Attenborough was with it.

I don't usually get that excited about television; I watch more documentaries and history programmes. I suppose that's the sad state of drama, the medium I work in, at the moment. I watched the Bodyshock programme on Channel 4 about the Indian girl with eight limbs. It annoys me that they sensationalise the build-up to such programmes; it was actually quite sympathetically done.

Last week I listened to...

I've been given a DAB radio. Last week I was repeatedly told it is useless, but I'm quite happy with it. I listened to an interview on Woman's Hour with Patsy Rodenburg, the voice coach at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She was talking about how people "present" to the public, not just actors but politicians as well. I've been catching bits of Just a Minute, which is old as the hills but is still done with such aplomb.

Last week I read...

Coast, a monthly magazine about everything to do with the waters and the sea. We've recently bought a property on the Isle of Bute and it gives you nice ideas about things to do at the coast, such as fishing and seafood. It's a nice way to relax.

Last week I surfed...

I've just got back from Argentina and had a wonderful time. I've been online to find somewhere to learn to tango. It is sensational, and inspired me to find some classes in the Glasgow area. I found some at Tango Tipica ( but I'm still looking for a partner as my husband doesn't want to go along with me.

Blythe Duff plays Jackie Reid in Taggart, which returns to ITV1 on Wednesday. Duff is the longest-serving cast member, and the show is in its 25th year