Current Twitter trends: April Fools, Google changes name to Topeka, Gmail

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The music-related "#nowplaying" is holding on to its number-one position in Twitter's most talked about topics chart on April 1.

Irrespective of the other things going on in the world and in their lives, sharing the names of the songs they are listening to seems to be the number one pasttime of Twitter users almost every day.

In second and third places are "#AprilFools" and "Happy April Fools." Twitter users are going about their day with an attitude that screams, "trust nobody." The term is also being used to describe some of the jokes they have played on their friends and family or to highlight some of the funnier April Fools blog posts appearing on the web today.

"I don't think I'll do any #aprilfools jokes on my parents this year, almost gave them a heart attack last year," giggles one user.

"#NoDisRespectBut" appears in the charts at number four, just in front of the "Dontyouhatewhen" hashtag, which has fallen three places overnight.

Google announced it was changing its name to Topeka in an April 1 blog post, referencing the Kansas-based city that recently changed its name to Google to entice the internet giant to select them for their ultra-high-speed broadband project trial.

Consequently, Topeka has become the sixth most talked about topic on the social network.

The name of teenage Canadian singer Justin Bieber has fallen two places to seventh place and Google's cloud-based email service, Gmail is trending at number eight. Gmail is celebrating its birthday today, putting the sixth candle on its cake.

"Happy Easter" is already on the charts in tenth place as Twitter users wish their followers a happy Easter.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 1 at 09:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. #aprilfools (new)
3. Happy April Fools (new)
4. #NoDisRespectBut (new)
5. #Dontyouhatewhen (-3)
6. Topeka (new)
7. Justin Bieber (-2)
8. Gmail (new)
9. Goodnight (+1)
10. Happy Easter (new)