Current Twitter trends: 'Dear someone...', Justin Bieber, Android

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The ever-popular music-related term "#nowplaying" is stuck in the top of Twitter's list of  most talked about topics on the morning of April 28.

Microbloggers are writing letters to people with their 140 characters and the hashtag "dearsomeone."

Dear someone, "I'm worth much more than an occasional 'I love u'", "I wanna stare at your eyes in real world, not twitter, fb, deviantart and other social networking" and "please send me a message," plead Twitter users to anyone that will listen.

"#4wordsAFTERwork" is in third place on the Twitter charts. "Okay, where's my beer?" and "I want to sleep" are some of the four words people are saying after they finish work.

Twitter users just don't get sick of talking about their favorite singer. Justin Bieber remains a regular fixture in Twitter's charts, moving up two places to fourth place.

In fifth place, curiosity is killing the Twitter user with the term "#pleasetellmewhy." "#gottagivepropsto" follows one place after as people express their respect for others.

Android is trending in seventh place. According to a tweet by technology blog Mashable, web browser developer Mozilla has released a "'pre-alpha' of Firefox for Android - aka Fennec." Microsoft also recently signed an Android patent deal with HTC and an iPhone hacker managed to get a version of Android running on the smartphone.

The Japanese word for "reform", "#sasshin" has dropped one place to number eight, the abbreviated form of #nowplaying (#np) is in ninth place, and #ihatequotes makes another entry onto the charts this week in tenth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 28 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. #dearsomeone (new)
3. #4wordsAFTERwork (new)
4. Justin Bieber (+2)
5. #pleasetellmewhy (new)
6. #gottagivepropsto (new)
7. Android (new)
8. #sasshin (-1)
9. #np (new)
10. #ihatequotes (new)