Current Twitter trends: 'Don't you hate when,' April wish, Lady Gaga naked

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The music related hashtag "Nowplaying" has moved up into the top position on Twitter's most talked about topics on the morning of March 31.

The second most talked about topic on Twitter is "#Dontyouhatewhen..."

Don't you hate when: "people come in to your area and look through your stuff, asking questions", "people say I told you so", "you have some food in your teeth and none of your friends tell you?" or "you tell someone not to do something more than once but they do it anyway and come to u crying," say grumpy microbloggers on Twitter using the "#dontyouhatewhen" meme.

"#Aprilwish" has jumped into the charts at third place as people share their wishes for the month of April. "#IjustWannaKnowWhy" is also a new entry in Twitter's most talked about topics list. The term is trending because people are questioning others' reasons for doing something.

In fifth place is the name of Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, moving up the charts two places. "Easter" has also gained a few points over night, now resting in sixth place.

The name of American popstar Lady Gaga is trending on Twitter for various reasons Wednesday morning. Lady Gaga, known for her daring fashion choices, posted a photo of herself seemingly wearing nothing but a teacup on her Twitter account on March 24 with the words, "Nothing like a communist-red teacup to make for the perfect Birthday gift. Last words are for fools who haven't said enough."

Social networkers are also talking about the singer because she is rumored to have been asked to write the next James Bond theme song.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on March 31 at 09:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nowplaying (+1)
2. #dontyouhatewhen (new)
3. #aprilwish (new)
4. #IjustWannaKnowWhy (new)
5. Justin Bieber (+2)
6. Easter (+3)
7. #ZodiacFacts (new)
8. Lady Gaga (new)
9. #dead (new)
10. Goodnight (new)