Current Twitter trends: 'I have a thing for...', 'we love Siwon', Happy 420

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The phrase "#ihaveathing4" has jumped straight into the top position on Twitter's trending topics list on the morning of April 20.

The term is being used by microbloggers to describe the things the like doing, seeing or having.

"I have a thing for" ... "good music", "girls with long hair and sexy lips", "educated MEN" and "motorbikes and fast cars," say people using the "ihaveathing4" hashtag.

The music-related meme "#nowplaying" has moved down the charts one spot to number two.

The hashtag "#welovesiwon" is trending in third place on the charts. Fans of Korean boy band Super Junior are tweeting about band member Choi Si-won (aka Siwon) because he recently joined Twitter and has been following fans that follow him.

In fourth place is "#iDoit2," followed by the hashtags "LetsBeClear" and "Imsohigh."

The drug-related "Happy 420" has entered the charts at number seven as people celebrate the April 20 "counterculture holiday" - a day on which people pay tribute to cannabis.

The volcano-related hastag, "ashtag" has dropped three places to number eight, while "#dontbeshocked" and "#ihatequotes" are trending in ninth and tenth place respectively.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 20 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #ihaveathing4 (new)
2. #nowplaying (-1)
3. #welovesiwon (new)
4. #iDoit2 (new)
5. #LetsBeClear (new)
6. #imsohigh (new)
7. Happy 420 (new)
8. #ashtag (-3)
9. #dontbeshocked (new)
10. #ihatequotes (new)