Current Twitter trends: Indian rupee gets new symbol, iOS, Old Spice

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On the morning of July 15 people on Twitter are dedicating their 140-character messages to others using the "thistweetisdedicated2" hashtag and the term has risen to the top of Twitter's most talked about topics list.

Topics "#thatsaproblem" and "#matrimoniogay" ("gay marriage" in Spanish) follow behind in second and third place on the Twitter charts.

The name of science fiction-thriller Inception has moved up one place to number four.

People on Twitter have taken to their accounts to announce that India's monetary unit, the "rupee," will become the fifth currency in the world to have its own distinct symbol after the Indian federal cabinet approved the sign on July 15.

"I think the new symbol for the Indian rupee is fantastic," wrote one user.

Apple has made the iOS 4.1 beta (a new version of the iPhone operating system) available to software developers and many are posting about their experience with the new software on Twitter.

"Schiphol" is trending in seventh place after an Airbus A380 landed for the first time in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

ESPN's sports awards show, "ESPY," is in eighth place while the name of American-Australian actor "Mel Gibson," who seems to threaten his girlfriend in a series of recordings, moves down three places to number 10. 

Men's fragrance and grooming company Old Spice has taken the social networking world by storm with an innovative marketing campaign. "Old Spice" is trending at number nine on the charts.

American actress Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) gave her seal of approval to the campaign, tweeting: "GENIUS. Shirtless Old Spice guy replies on Twitter w/ hilarious personalized videos /via @Zee."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on July 15 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #thistweetisdedicated2 (new)
2. #thatsaproblem (new)
3. #matrimoniogay (new)
4. Inception (+1)
5. Rupee (new)
6. iOS (new)
7. Schiphol (new)
8. ESPY (new)
9. Old Spice (new)
10. Mel Gibson (-3)