Current Twitter trends: music, Happy New Year

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It's Monday, and people on Twitter have been using two of the top-three trending terms ("#nowplaying" and "#musicmonday") to share or flaunt their musical tastes with the rest of the Twittersphere, with the seasonally appropriate "Happy New Year" in second place, on January 4.

Amid the usual rock, pop and hip-hop acts that people generally share on the microblogging site, using the terms "#nowplaying" (which indicates what people are listening to) and "#musicmonday" (a weekly tradition enabling users to recommend music to their followers), one microblogger confesses"#musicmonday Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Phantom of the Opera (yes, i like it. i care not what you make of that)."

"All jokes aside '#AllJokesAside')" is a new trending topic that enables people to speak their mind with a straight face, such as "#alljokesaside - why is it so frickin cold in this office??!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!", or to tell a joke anyway as the emoticon at the end of this example suggests: "Justin Bieber sounds like a 10 year old girl? :)) #AllJokesAside ;)."

All jokes aside, the tallest building in the world was being inaugurated Monday in Dubai. People on Twitter are talking about the engineering feat, that stands at around 2,600 ft (more than 800 meters) high.

As for the aforementioned Justin Bieber, it looks like his recent performance on the TV show aired December 31  Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest. brought him a lot of fans, especially female ones. Many users are wondering: "Why can't all guys be like Justin Bieber?"

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on January 4 at 11:00 AM GMT are:

1· #nowplaying (+2)
2· Happy New Year (new)
3· #musicmonday (new)
4· #AllJokesAside (new)
5· #burjdubai (new)
6· #thuglife (new)
7· Avatar (new)
8· Justin Bieber (new)
9· UberTwitter Beta-6 (new)
10· Goodnight (new)