Current Twitter trends: Music Monday and K-pop

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It's Music Monday on Twitter, with three of the top trending topics music-related on February 8.

At the top, hashtag "#nowplaying" is tracking users' song choices. In second place, Korean pop music has gone global, with fans of K-pop group 2PM protesting to the JYP record label (@followJYP) to bring back hit singer Jae Bum. Monday is five months to the day since the former lead singer left the group amid a scandal in which he reportedly told a friend "Korea is gay. I hate Koreans. I wanna come back" using MySpace. #Musicmonday is the eighth most popular trending topic.

In third place, users are retweeting using the hashtag "#retweetthisif" if the tweet applies to them, whilst Japanese fans of the movie Three Kingdoms using the term "Twitter Kingdom" take fourth place.

Current events in the US are also trending - the US Space Shuttle Endeavour launched successfully this morning and is now trending in sixth place with the mission code #sts130. NASA's official Twitter page (@NASA) posted the following update immediately after the launch: "Shuttle Endeavour launched as planned at 4:14:08 a.m. EST. Main engine cutoff is expected to occur at 4:22:31 a.m." The shuttle is expected to dock with the International Space Station to allow the transfer of supplies and a new exploration module.

The Super Bowl is also a hot topic, only hours after the New Orleans Saints took their first ever Superbowl victory with a surprise win over the Indianapolis Colts. "Super Bowl" is in seventh place and "Saints" are in ninth. "#OhJustLikeMe," where users retweet things that make them think "oh just like me" is in eighth place and Apple's iPad remains in the list - just - in tenth position.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on February 8 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1 #nowplaying (unchanged)
2 We Want Jaebum Back (new)
3 #ReTweetThisIf (new)
4 Twitter??? (new)
5 #sts130 (new)
6 Super Bowl (new)
7 #MusicMonday (new)
8 #OhJustLikeMe (-4)
9 Saints (new)
10 iPad (-3)