Current Twitter trends: 'Never trust' and 'When Twitter was down'

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Twitter users are doling out their best advice for people and things that one should "never trust (#nevertrust)" on the morning of December 9.

People are suggesting a few untrustworthy folks and signs that you shouldn't pay attention to someone or take them seriously.

The untrustworthy subjects range from "a guy that claims him & his ex are ‘cool'" to "a girl whose favorite song is 'Boyfriend # 2' by Pleasure P!" to "strangers."

The new trend "When Twitter was down (#whentwitterwasdown)" is popping up as Twitter users talk about what they did when the popular social site was unable to be accessed. Some users "contemplated suicide" while others simply "went back to Facebook."

"Tiger Woods" has risen in popularity as people are tweeting about his alleged affairs and subsequent media exposure.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 9 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #nevertrust (new)
2. #whentwitterwasdown (new)
3. #in2010 (+1)
4. Tiger Woods (+5)
5. Christmas (+2)
6. #awkwardclub (new)
7. #choiminho (new)
8. Get 50 (new)
9. New Moon (new)
10. Jack Dorsey (new)