Current Twitter trends: UNIQLO, 'Lost' finale, Brittany Murphy's husband found dead

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Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO is the most hotly discussed topic on Twitter on the morning of May 24.

The store, which is renowned for its low-cost but fashionable clothes, takes out the first and fifth places with the terms "UNIQLO LUCKY LINE?????" and "#uniqlo_line". Twitter users are tweeting about UNIQLO in hope of winning one of the contests being held for the company's 60th anniversary.

"Nigerian Monkey Pox" is trending in second place. "Nigerian Monkey Pox was a joke from the TV show "The Boondocks" that was on tonight", explains one Twitter user.

In third place is the hashtag "iknowsomeonethat". Microbloggers are spreading stories about the people they know, sharing their friends' and acquaintances' good and bad traits.

The hit American TV show "Lost" has finally come to an end after six seasons on air. The finale was aired on May 23 and fans of the show are tweeting about the much-anticipated ending with the terms "#lostfinale" (in fourth place), "About Lost" (in seventh place), "Series Finale" (in eighth place) and "Purgatory" (in tenth place).

According to recent news reports, Simon Monjack, the husband of late American actress Brittany Murphy, was found dead at his home in LA, USA on Sunday May 23. Twitter users are passing on their condolences with the term "Monjack," which is currently trending in sixth position.

The name of Indian Bollywood film "Kites" is in ninth place. Twitter users are posting their micro reviews of the popular movie.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on May 24 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. UNIQLO LUCKY LINE??????(new)
2. Nigerian Monkey Pox (new)
3. #iknowsomeonethat (new)
4. #lostfinale (new)
5. #uniqlo_line (new)
6. Monjack (new)
7. About Lost (new)
8. Series Finale (new)
9. Kites (new)
10. Purgatory (new)