Current Twitter trends: 'When Twitter was down,' 'One of my followers'

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Twitter's DNS records were "temporarily compromised" on December 17 causing the site to be re-directed for a short while and users to discuss the outage.

At 9:30 AM GMT on December 18, the site was back up and people on Twitter are discussing the activities they took part in when the microblogging site was down due to a DNS attack reportedly caused by a group calling themselves the "Iranian Cyber Army."

People are using the hashtag #whentwitterwasdown to tweet about what they did: "#whentwitterwasdown I harvested my crops on Farmville," "#whentwitterwasdown I was still trying to get on Twitter," and "#whentwitterwasdown most of you thought the world was coming to an end."

People are also tweeting about their followers on the morning of December 18 using the term "#oneofmyfollowers." Users are boasting that they are being followed by celebrities, explaining to their friends that they are embarrassed by some of the messages their followers are sharing with the world, or even sharing the fact that they don't know the real names of at least one of their followers on the social networking site.

James Cameron's 3D movie Avatar is a hotly talked about subject on Twitter along with the weather. Snow covered many countries in Europe and parts of the USA for the first time this winter on the morning of December 18.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 18 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. #whentwitterwasdown (new)
2. #oneofmyfollowers (new)
3. #P4A (new)
4. Iranian Cyber Army (new)
5. #nowplaying (-3)
6. Avatar (unchanged)
7. #uksnow (new)
8. #farewellterry (new)
9. SNOW (new)
10. Copenhagen (-1)