Facebook favourites: Which media celebrities come out on top on the social networking site?

On the social networking site, media celebrities have found themselves subjected to both loathing and adoration. Chris Green investigates to find out who comes out on top
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Jeremy Paxman


12 groups, with 1,197 members, including Paxman For Prime Minister; Jeremy Paxman Appreciation Society; Sod You All, I'm Jeremy Paxman!; Jeremy Paxman Is A God!!!; The Mighty Paxman Appreciation Society;

The feared interviewer and Newsnight presenter has a growing legion of fans on Facebook, perhaps due to his popularity among the youthful audience of University Challenge. There are already several groups dedicated to installing him as Prime Minister, one for those who have developed a crush on the presenter, while yet another calls for him to launch a new show alongside Jeremy Clarkson. There's even one hailing him as the rightful next monarch.


Three groups, with 78 members: I Want To Overthrow Jeremy Paxman; Jeremy Paxman Is A Bell End; Sorry Jeremy, You'll Have To Do Better Than That

One of the two anti-Paxman groups on Facebook is dedicated to the great man's faltering Newsnight interview with Foreign Secretary David Miliband in September of last year. "There is no necessity for Paxman to be abrasive and irreverent in his approach to interviewing," argues one contributor.

Fiona Bruce


Five groups, with 202 members, including: Fiona Bruce Appreciation Society; Fiona Bruce: Everyone's Desert Island Luxury; Fiona Bruce Is My Life

"What can make a boring news story interesting? The answer is Fiona Bruce... Fiona has it all, charm, beauty, intelligence and a great figure..." writes the creator of one of the groups dedicated to the BBC newsreader and Crimewatch presenter. Her reputation seems to have soared since her appearance as Velma Kelly from Chicago on last year's Children in Need broadcast.


One group with eight members: I Hate Fiona Bruce, She's A Smug Cow

The only anti-Bruce group seems to exist purely on the basis that the newsreader can occasionally appear a bit smug as she recounts the day's events. "I'm glad they inflicted her on the Antiques Roadshow, but keep her off the news," writes one irritated viewer.

Jon Snow


15 groups, with 1,310 members: Jon Snow...King Of The World; Jon Snow's Tie Appreciation Society; Jon Snow: The Pillar Of Channel 4 News

You guessed it: much of the appreciation for the revered Channel 4 News anchor revolves around his interesting choice of ties and socks. One group is titled: "Jon Snow and his stripey ties – 100 per cent trustworthy", while another hails him and co-presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy as "the Batman and Robin of current affairs".


One group, with four members: Jon Snow's Ties Blind Me To Current Affairs

Only one group on Facebook is anything other than praiseworthy about the newsreader and journalist, and even this one is no more than affectionate ribbing. "Jon Snow is a great broadcaster with one flaw – his choice in neck-based haberdashery," writes the group's creator. "One day, if the man shuffles in his chair a little too quickly, someone may have an epileptic convulsion and die."

Adrian Chiles


Seven groups, with 670 members: Adrian Chiles For PM; Adrian Chiles Appreciation Group

It's not really surprising that the brummie Match of the Day 2 presenter has an online cult following, but the man himself remains unconvinced: "I'm ashamed to say I don't really understand Facebook," he says. "I know these things are up there but I've never dared look at them, because I assumed they were just piss-takes."


10 groups, with 265 members: I Hate Adrian Chiles – Why Should We Suffer?; Get Adrian Chiles Off MOTD 2; I Just Don't Like Adrian Chiles

"Adrian Chiles is like Marmite – you either love him or hate him," reads the title of one group, and the presenter certainly comes in for his fair share of online loathing. "I hate the fact that he feels the need to mention that he's a West Brom fan every Sunday," writes one of the less abusive contributors.

Chris Moyles


23 groups, with 14,515 members: I Bloody Love Chris Moyles; Chris Moyles For Prime Minister; Make Chris Moyles The Most Popular Person On Facebook

"I wouldn't get out of bed if it wasn't for Chris Moyles," declares one group dedicated to the larger-than-life Radio 1 DJ. A fan says, "I set my alarm half an hour early for the cheesy song." The largest of the fan clubs has almost 6,000 members, making Moyles probably the most popular media personality on Facebook.


26 groups, with 2,548 members: Chris Moyles – I Don't Like Him; Chris Moyles Is A Waste Of My TV Licence Fee; Please Chris Play Some Goddamn Music

The so-called "saviour of Radio 1" has his fair share of detractors. "I would listen to Radio 1 on my way to lectures in the morning, but I can't, cos that would mean listening to Chris Moyles," writes one angry student.

George Galloway


28 groups, with 3,805 members, including: George Galloway Fan Club; George Galloway Is The Man; George Galloway is Definitely Not Corrupt; George Galloway Is My Hero

The Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow has built up quite a fan base through his current affairs show on TalkSport and his appearance in a red lycra catsuit on Celebrity Big Brother. One group calls for a 1,000-foot golden statue of Galloway to be built, while another encourages him to enter the race to be the next Mayor of London.


15 groups, with 4,294 members: George Galloway Is A Disgrace; George Galloway Is Not My Facebook Friend; I Hated George Galloway Before It Became Fashionable

Someone as opinionated as Galloway is sure to ruffle a few feathers, and many groups have sprung up demanding that TalkSport put an end to his provocative phone-in show. He also comes in for some stick from his constituents: "The one time I needed to contact my MP, he was on Big Brother," writes one disgruntled user.

Jo Whiley


Eight groups, with 315 members, including Jo Whiley...Simply the Best DJ!; Jo Whiley Appreciation Group; Jo Whiley For Queen; I Want Jo Whiley to be My Girlfriend

The Radio 1 DJ has a moderate Facebook following, but it's nowhere near as large as that of her colleague Chris Moyles. "I've followed Jo Whiley since the year dot and can't believe that so many people dislike her," writes one.


41 groups with 2,274 members: We All Hate Jo Whiley; Jo Whiley, You Are The Spawn Of Satan; Get Jo Whiley Off Radio One

There's a lot of Whiley-related anger in the online world. "She is the reason I begrudge paying for a licence," writes one hacked-off listener. "I don't want so much of the country's money going towards someone who basically plays the worst records that her colleagues have discovered for her." Ouch.

John Humphrys


Three groups, with 116 members: Get John Humphrys Onto Facebook, We Love John Humphrys, John Humphrys is the Daddy

The legendary Today presenter has only a small Facebook presence, perhaps due to his own scepticism about the website. However, there's a campaign afoot to persuade him to join up or, as one user puts it, "to stop harrumphing and join the 21st century".


Three groups, with 47 members: Demote John Humphrys; Humphrys Must Go: Reclaim the Today Programme; John Humphreys Annoyed Me Today Because...

Humphrys' presenting style doesn't go down too well with some, it would appear, and two of these anti-groups call for him to be removed from Today. "He interrupts with a minor quibble," writes one user, "and then cackles with a kind of indignant glee as if he's undermined his interviewee's entire philosophy". The other invites users with : "Did you listen to the news this morning? Did Humphreys [sic] annoy you? Tell all. Let it out."

Jon Gaunt


Eight groups, with 369 members: Jon Gaunt For Prime Minister; Vote Jon Gaunt as the Mayor of London; The Gaunty Society; the John Gaunt Appreciation Society

Sun columnist Gaunty will be pleased to hear that four of the eight appreciation groups are dedicated to getting him installed as the next Prime Minister. "England would be a better place with him in charge," writes one rather Anglocentric fan. "The Gaunt says what the majority of the nation thinks," writes another.


Three groups, with 74 members: Jon Gaunt – Idiot; I Hate John Gaunt; Jon Gaunt and Richard Littlejohn: For People Who Don't Like Thinking

"This group is for anyone who feels truly ashamed to be British every time would-be journalist Jon Gaunt opens his mouth," writes the creator of one of the three anti-Gaunt enclaves on Facebook. Others bemoan his loyalty to fellow columnist Richard Littlejohn and his reference to foxes as "rats with fluffy tails".

Johann Hari


Two groups, with 89 members: Johann Hari; The Johann Hari Appreciation Group (JHAG)

The Independent writer's biggest Facebook group hails him as "one of Britain's best columnists". As one fan puts it: "He always starts with a proposition that I find abhorrent and nine times out of 10 he'll win me round by the end of the article."


One group, with one member: Johann Hari – 1st Class Bell-end

"I find him annoying verging on offensive and invite like-minded people to join up and debate the point," writes the creator of the only disparaging group. So far, though, no one has responded to his rallying call.

Peter Hitchens


One group, with 44 members: The Voice Of Reason: Peter Hitchens

"In a world full of lefties and statists, it's becoming ever harder to find people in the media who actually talk sense," writes the creator of the Daily Mail columnist's home on Facebook. His book, The Abolition of Britain, is a hot topic.


Three groups, with 667 members: Peter Hitchens Must Die; Campaign For Peter Hitchens To Retire From Semi-Public Life; Fuck The Daily Mail

"Meet Peter Hitchens, or as I like to call him, If Evil Had A Face," writes the creator of the main anti-Hitch group. "They say the pen is mightier than the sword and basically, Hitchens is a dangerous man. The main target for his attacks is women... because you see, rape doesn't exist in his world." PHMD's rival, "Campaign...", is dedicated to raising money with a view to bribing the columnist into early retirement.

Polly Toynbee


Two groups, with 114 members: Polly Toynbee Appreciation Society; Polly Toynbee is one of the Few People Left in the World Who Makes Sense

Praise for the David Cameron-endorsed columnist is not hard to find. "When I find myself randomly and enthusiastically nodding in the street, I'm usually standing with the Grauniad reading the wonderful Polly-T," gushes one supporter.


Two groups, 87 members: Polly Toynbee Hasn't a Clue; I Will Throw a Party When Polly Toynbee Dies

Like all columnists, Ms Toynbee has her detractors. One enraged user says: "She is the most sickening, anti individual, anti freedom, government worshiping [sic] media charlaton [sic] in the UK media."