Heat street: Louise Mensch to launch new right-wing site for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp

'Disagreement will be encouraged,' she wrote on Twitter

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Louise Mensch is to lead a new website for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp called Heat Street.

The former Conservative MP has described the brand as “libertarian” and was promoting it on Twitter using the hashtag #NoSafeSpaces.

“Disagreement will be encouraged,” she wrote in response to one critic, adding that it would be “free in speech and access”.

Mrs Mensch will be joined leading Heat Street by Noah Kotch, a former network producer who helped launch Vocativ, Buzzfeed News reported.

Jim Kennedy, a spokesperson for News Corp, said the site would have a centre-right slant.

“In a spirit of free speech and no ‘safe spaces,’ [it will] cover a variety of topics from a diversity of viewpoints,” he added.

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Mrs Mensch resigned from the Commons in 2012 to move to New York, where she launched a new networking site called Menshn.com.

It was intended to be a politics-focused rival to Twitter but closed in February 2013. 

Her move to News Corp appeared unlikely in 2011, when she questioned Rupert and James Murdoch on the phone hacking scandal, but Mrs Mensch has listed her job there as “creative and strategic” since May 2014.