How social media changed our lives in 2009

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From the rise of the real-time web to mainstream society's adoption of virtual reality applications, social media has had an enormous impact on consumers' lives in 2009.

Emerging technology website, VatorNews, has released their top ten list of the biggest social media stories in 2009.

The featured stories include Twitter's rise to fame in 2009 and its valuation at $1 billion dollars, Facebook's acquisition of FriendFeed, social gaming company Playfish getting picked up by one of the largest game publishers in the gaming industry Electronic Arts (EA), citizen journalism taking on a leading role in televised and online news coverage, and the rise of Augmented Reality mobile applications.

VatorNews's Biggest Social Media Stories of 2009:

1. Twitter valuation at $1 billion
2. Facebook buys FriendFeed
3. EA acquires Playfish for $275 million
4. Zynga worth $1 billion
5. MySpace acquires iLike for $20 million
6. MOL acquires Friendster
7. Citizen Journalism
8. The Rise of Augmented Reality
9. Google + Bing go real-time
10. US Government 2.0

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