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Last week I read...

There was an article in the Daily Mail about kids eating food with lots of E-numbers, asking if parents realised that children become hyperactive if they are given food containing a lot of additives. Of course we realise! The Times had a piece about a new class in schools about feelings and what to do with anger. They've tried it in a couple of schools and the children have become better behaved. Instead of fighting, they talk about their feelings more. It sounds very American, but if they're not getting that at home, it's really good that schools are doing it.

The front page of The Guardian last Monday had an article about sweatshops. I saw it as I was walking into a meeting with my charity, SOS Children, a children's orphanage charity. I had been thinking about looking for sponsorship for a campaign I'm doing for them through some of the high street brands. It's amazing how few shops think about the ethics of where they are buying their clothes from because they are thinking about their profit margins. It's all very well spending money on clothes but who made them, where do they come from and at what expense?

Last week I watched...

I've been mainly watching the news on BBC Breakfast, where I heard about the death of Pavarotti. I've recently lost my father, and battling against cancer is so painful. I heard him sing in an opera in New York, and he was incredible, but remember being sprayed with his spit! I also saw the funeral of Rhys Jones. I loved the fact his parents wanted people to wear colourful clothes to celebrate his life instead of mourning his death.

Last week I listened to...

Ed Stourton on Radio 4's Today programme was discussing Rhys Jones' murder, and I found what he was saying enlightening. When I was growing up my parents listened to Radio 4, and I said I never would, but the older you get the more you want to hear debates. Mica Paris had Angie Stone on her Radio 2 show, Soul Solutions, talking about her new album.

Last week I surfed...

I've been looking at the Nasa weather site ( because I was going to Antigua and there was a chance of a hurricane. There was a lot of scaremongering by the travel companies but they don't think of the repercussions of putting people off when Antigua's economy relies on tourism.

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