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David Bowie has faced the strain of 50...

Moonage Day-Care

Fifty years an alien

And brilliant since his teens

More Queen's-Award-to-Industry

Than industry's to queens

You're never sure with Bowie

What it is he really means

But he plots with Brian Eno

And they fiddle with machines

Then he charms the paisley knickers

Off the music magazines

If he said, "Art begins with F"

They'd go and buy the beans

You wonder how he's done it

The years of wear and tear

He hasn't got a beer gut

He's hung on to his hair

And in spite of past excesses

He would seem to be all there

While other pop messiahs

End up languishing "in care".

So it's almost reassuring

When he blows the whole affair

By laughing Gnome, or Tin Machine

Or saying The Lord's Prayer