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The insider's guide to everyone who is anyone in British adland
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As part of my continuing effort to paint the landscape of UK adland, this week I'd like to people it with the leading British characters in the ad-agency world. Unlike other lists, which are not so much a Who's Who as a "Who's he?", the following are the movers and shakers that you really need to know about.


John Webster of DDB - The Man; Dave Trott - still doing it; Nigel Bogle and John Hegarty, the suit and creative behind BBH; Tim Delaney, copywriting genius; Lord Saatchi, adman and Tory party co-chairman; Robin Wight of WCRS, still terrifyingly fresh and brilliant; Bill Muirhead, Lord Saatchi's partner at M&C Saatchi, best-connected man in adland; Tom Carty and Walter Campbell, creators of the Guinness Surfers; Paul Weiland, most successful commercials director of all time; Michael Baulk of AMV BBDO, the suits' suit, the Guv'nor.

Master of the Universe

Sir Martin Sorrell, boss of WPP, the world's second-largest ad group, and one of the UK's only true world-class businesses.

Worldwide heads

Andrew Robertson, unstoppable young boss of BBDO Worldwide, probably the top suit in the world; Adrian Holmes, creative head of Lowe Worldwide and, along with Tim Delaney, the greatest writer of copy there is; Miles Young, head of O&M Asia-Pacific, urbane and brilliant former head of Westminster City Council; Simon Sherwood, mild-mannered worldwide player at BBH; Tony Wright, new young boss of Lowe Worldwide.

Euro heads

Paul Bainsfair, the dapper head of TBWA Europe; William Eccleshare, head of Y&R Europe, ex-McKinsey - probably the brainiest man in adland; Rupert Howell of McCann-Erickson, true adman with daunting new job; Mike Walsh, long-serving boss of O&M; Richard Pinder, rising star at Leo Burnett.


Uncle Bruce Haines, at Leo Burnett; Jeremy Miles of MCBD, brilliant operator having a brilliant year; Tim Lindsay of Publicis, weirdly dropped by Lowe, very able and a hit with the girls; Steve Henry of HHCL/Red Cell and Trevor Beattie of TBWA London - not only chairmen but also creative gurus; Cilla Snowball of AMV BBDO, UK adland's First Lady; Paul Weinberger of Lowe, Mark Roalfe of Y&R, Greg Delaney of DLKW - three more chairmen with creative backgrounds; too infamous to leave out: bad Ben Langdon of Euro RSCG, adland's Gordon Gekko.


Paul Hammersley of DDB London, formerly led Lowe to Agency of the Year; Johnny Hornby of CHI, from zero to Agency of the Year in record time; nice guy Jim Kelly, just left Y&R but soon to return somewhere, surely; Robert Senior, head of Fallon; Helen Calcraft of MCBD and Mark Lund of DLKW, new business monsters; rakish Moray MacLennan of M&C Saatchi, the 007 of adland; Farah Ramzan Golant of AMV BBDO, red-hot new top woman at UK's biggest agency - go girl! Stephen Woodford of WCRS, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) chief, top of the new business league, an agency reborn; Matthew Bull of Lowe, unique position as the only ex-creative CEO; Stef Calcraft, runs Mother, nuff said; Simon Boulton of JWT, rumoured to be losing his job since the day he arrived - instead is thriving; Charles Vallance of VCCP, whose 02 campaign is best of the year; Gwyn Jones, CEO of BBH New York. David Jones, smart young boss of Euro RSCG New York

Creative directors

Nick Bell of JWT, growing into big job; John O'Keeffe of BBH, filling John Hegarty's shoes; Robert Saville and Mark Waites of Mother, geniuses both; Peter Souter of AMV BBDO, proof that nice guys can come first; Charles Inge of CHI, flawless ad machine; Leon Jaume, part of WCRS resurgence; Paul Silburn, master copywriter and new CD at Fallon in the US; Mark Tutssel of behemoth Leo Burnett in Chicago, the CD with the biggest job of all; Steve Aldridge, creative supremo at Partners Andrews Aldridge.


Simon Clemmow of white-hot shop CHI - the Master; Jim Carroll of BBH, the brains behind the beautiful work; Neil Dawson of TBWA, aka The Nugget, brain the size of a planet; Mark Earles, worldwide head of planning at O&M, author and innovator; Lawrence Green of Fallon; Alison Hoad of CDD, convener of judges at this year's IPA Effectiveness Awards; Richard Swaab, veteran big-shot at AMV BBDO.

Creative teams

Richard Flintham and Andy McLeod, creative bosses at Fallon, brilliant minds; Nigel Roberts and Paul Belford of AMV, press ad supremos; Ben Walker and Matt Gooden of Wieden + Kennedy, creators of the Honda Cog spot. Tony McTeer of TBWA, multi-award-winner.

Art gurus

Look no further than Dave Dye of CDD; Rooney Carruthers of VCCP; and Tiger Savage of M&C Saatchi.

New business directors

M&C Saatchi's Judy Mitchem is The Governess; young Christian Hinchcliffe at McCann is the heir apparent; Sarah Gold, now MD at trailblazing CHI.

Directors of commercials

John Glazer, more or less lost to Hollywood; Chris Cunningham, Ridley Scott's brilliant protégé; mega-award winner Frank Budgen of Gorgeous; Danny Kleinmann; Robbie Williams's mate Vaughn Arnell.

Financial directors

Your money's safe with Peter Walker of CHI; Richard Jameson, formerly of D'Arcy; and Robin Price of McCann.


Gay Haines of Kendall Tarrant, best headhunter in the world; Gary Stolkin of Stolkin & Partners, coming up on the rails.


Martin Jones at the AAR, still the top agency finder for clients; Suki Thompson of the Haystack Group; the people's choice, Stuart Pocock of Agency Assessments; Andrew Melsom from Agency Insights.

Adland journos

The Daddy, Dominic Mills, Haymarket editorial director; Craig Smith, editor of Marketing; Claire Beale, editor of Campaign; Lucy Barrett, deputy editor of Marketing Week, world-class feature writer; Alex Benady, freelance, knows the biz inside out; Stefano Hatfield, editor of Metro, New York, no longer in adland but still the biggest repository of knowledge on the subject; Peter York, style guru; Raymond Snoddy, media guru.


Kate Harris, the fantastic woman who runs the National Advertising Benevolent Society.


Hamish Pringle, director general of the IPA; "Gentleman" Hugh Burkitt, chief executive of the Marketing Society.

Wild cards

Vince Squibb at Lowe, part-Stella writer, part-commercials director; Jay Pond-Jones, first adman truly creating content with his show Flipside; Steve Parish, the power behind many adland thrones and CEO of print and TV production comers TAG; Mitchell Everard, manager of power-lunch venue The Ivy.


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